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Fun Crafts Made From Dried Pasta

When I was in kindergarden I was introduced to the idea of making crafts out of pasta and dried noodles. It was my absolute favourite thing to day and always the best part of my day. I would come home from my afternoon classes boasting jewelry, paper and glue art, and models all constructed at least in part from pasta of all shapes. If I’m being fully honest with you, my fascination for noodle art hasn’t died down much since then, but I mostly reserve those skills for when I’m babysitting.

Check out these 15 fun and creative ways to incorporate dried pasta noodles into your children’s arts and crafts time!

1. Pasta rainbow

Pasta rainbow

Teaching Mama shows you how awesome dried pasta noodles can look as a run arching rainbow, especially if you have access to noodles of all different shapes. Show your kids how to choose one shape per colour and help them tint the noodles all the colours of the rainbow. Then arrange the shapes and colorus on a page according to the stripes of the rainbow and flue them all down! I love the idea of using cotton balls for clouds on each end of the rainbow.

2. Noodle necklaces

Noodle necklaces

Noodle necklace are a kid crafting classic that, if you ask me, will never die or disappear. They’re just so much fun to both make and wear, especially since pasta comes in all different shape and sizes! Check out how Mom Junction made several completely different designs using noodles in all kinds of colours and shapes, creating a different aesthetic for each individual necklace.

3. Painted pasta butterflies

Painted pasta butterflies

Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to make awesome pasta crafts with the extra large shell shapes, but you’ve never thought about what you could actually make before? Well, DIY Cozy Home has you covered for ideas! I’m a particular fan of this painted butterfly design because the large surface area of the shells in each wing lets you create a lot of good detail, just like a real butterfly’s wings would have.

4. Past noodle choo choo train

Past noodle choo choo train

Now that I think about it, I really haven’t done enough crafting with lasagna noodles in my life. I love the way Funny Crafts used them here as a base for building a train out of all kinds of different noodles. Later them or stack other shapes on top of them, but make sure you use that flat noodle surface to the best of your ability!

5. Pasta snowflake ornaments

Pasta snowflake ornaments

When I was a kid, I’d never seen these pasta noodles that look like honeycombs before. Since discovering them in adulthood, I’ve spent a few weeks practically living off of them simply because they’re fun to both eat and look at. DIY Enthusiasts is here to show you that their cool pattern is great for more than just being mildly amused during lunch time. Use their intricate design of holes to create your own snowflakes featuring classic penne!

6. Pasta Valentine

Pasta valentine

Okay I acknowledge that the term “pasta” Valentine made me think of a big bowl of spaghetti being handed over as a Valentine’s Day present. In reality, Real Simple simply suggest using dried pasta noodles to decorate the front of a birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day card! I’m particularly into the idea of using these little heart shape noodles.

7. Pasta paper art

Pasta paper art

Did you like the look of the pasta on the card above so much that you want to take your pasta designs a step further? Check out how many great colours, shapes, and even points of space are used by Art Club to create some extra fun paper art that can be hung up on your wall even though it’s not exactly easily framed.

8. Stained glass pasta

Stained glass pasta

Babble Dabble guides you through the process of dying, tinting, or staining think pieces of flat pasta noodles, like lasagna noodles before they’ve met their scrumptious fate. I love the fact that they’re thin enough to actually let sunligth shine through in a particular colour, even though lasagna noodles actually seem quite thick.

9. Pasta “gingerbread” house

Pasta "gingerbread" house

Do you adore the process of making a miniature Christmas house display every year with your family, but you’ve never actually been a huge fan of gingerbread? Reach a compromise and making a house out of painted pasta noodles instead! This way, you still get to build the fun little holiday home but you won’t have wasted cookies and icing in the end. Check this design out on Chica Circle.

10. Pasta tiara

Pasta tiara

Is your child desperate for a tiara but you know they have a tendency to be ever so rough with their toys, so you’re not willing to invest in a nice rhinestoned one just yet? Help them make a cute pasta tiara instead! Paint the noddles, arrange them laying flat in a pattern that you like, and glue the whole pattern to itseld and then onto a headband. See how this one was made on Mitsides Group.

11. Pasta dinosaurs

Pasta dinosaurs

For very little kids, they often have the most fun just gluing and sticking pasta noodles to a page in order to make a picture. I love this idea from Muslim Learning Garden of printing out a simple, basic outline of something your child loves, like this dinosaur, and letting them practice hand eye coordination by neatly gluing pasta noodles all along the outline to make the shape.

12. Pasta butterfly “flowers”

Pasta butterfly "flowers"

Have you ever looked at little pasta bow ties and thought about how there are probably a thousand neat little trinkets you can make out of them? I think about this a lot more than I probably should, if I’m being honest. Mother Earth Living, however, has a great suggestion for transforming the bow ties into absolutely adorable little butterflies! To display the butterflies, I love their idea of attaching each painted creature to a toothpick place in a tiny plant pot.

13. Clay and pasta snails

Clay and pasta snails

I already showed you how to transform these giant seashell noodles into butterflies, but perhaps bugs with wings aren’t really your thing? These snails are another completely adorable way to use them. Paint the large seashell noodle to look like a snail’s shell and then create the actual snail out of clay. Hello Wonderful shows you how surprisingly easy this design is, despite looking great in the end!

14. Pasta wind chime

Pasta wind chime

You might not think that dried pasta would make such a calm, soothing sound, but after seeing this hilarious little set of dried pasta wind chimes has my curious. Find out from The Pinterested Parent how to go about making your kids an adorable pasta noodle wind chime omelette just for fun.

15. Painted pasta hair bows

Painted pasta hair bows

Hair bows are completely adorable, but for some reason there’s something about wearing pasta noodles in my hair that makes me cringe, and I have no idea how to explain that reaction so that it makes sense. If your kids are big fans of barrettes, however, then making them one that was originally part of their dinner will totally thrill them. See how it’s done on The Gold Jellybea.

Do you know someone with little kids who would absolutely adore the chance to play with their food? Share these pasta crafting designs with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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