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Awesome Crafts to Make with Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble tiles are more than just pieces for a fun game! They’re also a versatile DIY tool. Whether you’re harvesting old pieces from a broken game that doesn’t get used anymore or ordering them new from bulk suppliers, there are plenty of fun projects you can turn the tiles into! Check out these great DIY ideas for scrabble tile crafts that are all kinds of decorative and practical.

1. Scrabble tile necklace

Scrabble tile necklace

Scrabble tiles make simple beads! Spell out someone’s name or whatever you like.(Source: Cooked Brains)

2. Scrabble tile Christmas ornament

Scrabble tile christmas ornament

Use the stand too! Scrabble tiles, their stand, some string, and some glue are an easy way to make a spelled out Christmas ornament.(Source: Fresh Eggs Daily)

3. Scrabble tile table top

Scrabble tile table top

Whether you spell things like a word search, write a complete message, or just create a random alphabet-soup table, Scrabble tiles look great as a mosaic-style tabletop.(Source: Jen Hindes)

4. Scrabble tile earrings

Scrabble tile earrings

Initial earrings have never been easier to make.(Source: My Patchwork Life)

5. Scrabble tile coasters

Scrabble tile coasters

Themed coasters are always fun, but they’re especially cute when you can spell whatever you want! Create one with words that relate to beer, one for coffee drinks, and one for cocktails!(Source: Incredible Things)

6. Scrabble tile magnets

Scrabble tile magnets

Magnetic strips and glue are a quick way to turn old Scrabble tiles into useful magnets. Stick up important notes, or just place spell your reminders out on the fridge!(Source: Oh Crafts)

7. Scrabble tile hair clips

Scrabble tile hair clips

Whether you want to wear your initials, a loved one’s initials, or spell something out, these Scrabble tile hair clips are a neat addition to your look.(Source: Heavensent69)

8. Scrabble tile hair comb

Scrabble tile hair comb

Is your hair too thick for little clips? You don’t have to miss the fun. Make yourself a Scrabble hair comb instead!(Source: Crooked Brains)

9. Scrabble bobby pin

Scrabble bobby pin

Bobby pins are the best way to hold some hair types in place, but they’re not very exciting. Adding a Scrabble tile letter makes them part of the style.(Source: Scrabbled Messages)

10. Scrabble cufflinks

Scrabble cufflinks

X’s and O’s make for cute detail with your suit, or maybe the initials of your kids!(Source: Fashion Conscious)

11. Scrabble tile mosaic art

Scrabble tile mosaic art

Are you feeling very artsy? Mosaic art is always gorgeous, but it’s especially mesmerizing when you make it from hundreds of tiny letters on Scrabble tiles.(Source: Monique Sarfity Mosaic)

12. Scrabble tile keyboard

Scrabble tile keyboard

If you’re a talented to worker, then this Scrabble tile keyboard is a piece of cake! Each letter will still be right where you need it.(Source: Recycle Nation)

13. Scrabble clock

Scrabble clock

While you’re recycling the letters, why not make use of the entire board? This clock is kitschy and awesome for board game lovers.(Source: Recycle Nation)

14. Scrabble tile napkin rings

Scrabble tile napkin rings

These Scrabble tile napkin rings are cute wedding details. Use them to incorporate the first initials of the bride and groom, and their new shared last initial too.(Source: Brit + Co.)

15. Scrabbel tile tacks

Scrabble tile tacks

Sticking Scrabble tiles to thumb tacks is an awesome organizational tool during school! It also just looks really neat.(Source: Brit + Co.)

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