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18 Colors That Are the Perfect Compliment To Yellow

Erupting in bold tones or softening the lines of pastels, yellow comes in all shades and can be paired with so many wonderful interior design flavors and shades. If you’re thinking about dipping your home – or at least a room – into a new buttery colors, we’ve got a lot of great inspiration up our sleeves for you today in terms of what to pair with a bit of that sunshine. Here are 18 colors that are the perfect compliment to yellow.

1. Mauve

Mauve and yellow living room

If you’re looking for a beautiful bout of feminism, then think about including mauve in your living room or bedroom. Paired with butter yellow, it leaves a refreshing mark on your space and one that’s got a pinch of springtime in its midst. Check out more like this at Coastal Living.

2. Sapphire

Sapphire blue and yellow room

A deep sapphire shade of blue works nicely with classic yellow tones as well. This space from Vision Furniture showcases a glam setup but keep in mind that this pairing can take many forms. We particularly like a more bohemian style or one with some eclecticism embedded in the accents.

3. Crisp White

Crisp white and yellow bedroom

Decorpad showcases this crisp white and yellow bedroom having us immediately drawn to its traditional meets modern ethos. This is also the perfect duo to transform a kitchen area or foyer if you’re in need of a breath of fresh air. It’s a classic color combination that won’t go out of style depending on the season either, you can just use decorative accents to reflect the time of year.

4. Blush

Blush and yellow living room

Blushing pinks bode well with yellow tones as well. Specifically, gold or mustard shades are quite the compliment. Just look at this spread found on Pinterest for some textural, bohemian inspiration for your living room.

5. Heather Gray

Heather gray and yellow living room

Shutterfly rounds up awesome ideas and shares them as well. And that’s how we found this quaint setup. Perfectly on trend and blending golden shades of yellow with a light, heather gray – it’s easily duplicated.

6. Teal

Teal and yellow living room

Here’s an idea for all those that love a bit of vintage inspiration or eclectic markings around their home. This space was brought to us by Decoist and showcases how you can easily mix a rich teal with a neon shade of yellow – and some spots of gold too.

7. Chocolate


Southern Living takes us on a tour through some of the most traditional interior design ideas. Here we have a formal living room that’s been dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with some gold and yellow accents. This too is a timeless combination that works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and guests areas.

8. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange and yellow interior design

littleBIGBELL gave us a quick peek into this colorful nook and we immediately fell in love. If you’re looking for personality and kid-friendly appeal, you’ll want to go bright. Burnt orange (and some other primary shades too) will always be an appropriate compliment.

9. Gold

Gold and yellow porch

Gold and yellow are one in the same. And that’s what we learn with this patio spread from Jessicaedu cheap decorating ideas. We love the monochromatic theme and how easy this can be to transform and style throughout the year.

10. Eggshell

Off white and yellow living room

If crisp white is too bright for your tastes, you can capitalize on the use of eggshell, a creamy and softer alternative, to decorate with. This small peek we found on Amazon.com is a great example of how to sew the idea into your home.

11. Plum

Plum and yellow living room

Plum is fun too. For those looking to really level up their living rooms or bedrooms, think about adding some plum and butter shades to the space. It’s a great option for lovers of all things glam or Victorian-inspired. Check out more like this on Pinterest.

12. Charcoal

Charcoal and yellow bedroom

Charcoal is a wonderful accompaniment too. It tones down the drama and brightness of a vivacius yellow without sucking the life out of it. It’s a great route to take if you’re looking to modernize but keep the personality. (via beltechno.info)

13. Sage

Sage and yellow kitchen

Elle Decor takes us on some inspirational rides as well. When we scrolled by this charming kitchen setup we scooped it up. Sage green and yellow may seem like a unique pairing but it really compliments this cottage-esque kitchen quite nicely.

14. Taupe

Yellow and taupe bedroom

One of the most versatile options you can go with is taupe. It can really blend between all kinds of style genres. Trendy, contemporary, vintage, and eclectic too, this room from Decorpad showcases a loved mixture of them all.

15. Sky Blue

Sky blue and yellow bedroom

We’d like to send you over to Decorpad just one more time with this beautiful kid’s bedroom. There’s a light, antiquity that’s been sprinkled throughout the space and that’s because of the interaction between the sky blue foundation and golden-hued yellow accents.

16. Hot Pink

Hot pink and yellow interior design

Ultra girlish options are among this list as well. Snag some neon pink, pair it with some lively yellows, and then check out Pinterest on how you can style the nook or corner that needs the makeover.

17. Black

Yellow and black room

Rose & Grey gave us this simple, yet stunning, example of how beautifully you can compliment a black foundation in your home. Use creams and then follow it up with some golden yellows. It will makes a nice interest but one that blends nicely with a contemporary vision.

18. Bright Green

Yellow and green living room

And finally, at Esteban Cortez, you can seen how a bright, organic green can be yellows best friend. It evokes a sense of nature and brings in a well-needed breath of fresh air to any part of the home you add it to.

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