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DIY Colorful Clay Wall Hangings

The wall hanging trend is here to stay, and needless to say we have an excellent option to fill up empty walls with them. With each passing day we get to see a new varitety right from woven wall hanging to only tassel ones to ceramic wall hangings, their combinations and more. When it comes to purchasing them, the price can be a major deterrent and it is the DIY route that will yield us one. I had earlier on experimented my own to make jute wall hangings and recently made one with an embroidery hoop. Today we will learn how to make ceramic look alike colorful wall hangings with clay.Diy clay wall hangings 5


  • Spray paint of your choice
  • Air-dry Clay
  • Dowel
  • Leather cord
  • White yarn
  • Cutter


1.Roll some clay quarter inches thick with the help of a dowel and place a saucer to cut a round shape. You take a smaller round object, masking tape in my case and pass your cutter around it. With the help of a brush end make a hole which will be used to string your leather cord to aid in hanging it on the wall.Diy clay wall hangings steps cl2.Let it dry for a day or two and after that spray paint  them with the color of your choice back and forth. Meanwhile measure the length of yarn you need for your wall hangings and cut a bunch of long strips of yarn before hand.Diy clay wall hangings steps cl 13. This measure will vary with the thickness, I clustered a bunch of 5 strips of yarn for each knot. Fold the bunch of yarn in half and insert them from inside from the hollow opening facing towards you making a lark knot like so. Repeat the stepes until you are happy with it.Hold down the edge and trim off the excess with a pair of sharp scissors. Cut a length of leather cord and pull through the hole and tie a knot. Now hang them where you want to.Diy clay wall hangings steps cl 3Diy clay wall hangings 2Diy clay wall hangings 5Let us know in the comments below what you think of this wall hanging!

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