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DIY Jewelry Display Canvases

If you need an idea to display some of your most loved jewelry, try DIYing your own solution, that’s minimal but also adds some art to your bedroom decor.  I love being able to see my jewelry outright rather than digging through a jewelry box where my necklaces sometimes do get into a tangled mess.  This jewelry art is a great backdrop for a bedroom or closet wall and you can easily change the look of it by switching out your jewelry as needed.

Wall DIY Jewelry Display Canvases

Materials Wall DIY Jewelry Display Canvases

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • 12×12 White artist canvases (as many as you’d like to hang)
  • Wooden beads with the flat bottom
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Wall hanging strips/hooks
  • Pencil
  • Ruler (optional)

DIY Jewelry Display Canvases

The first step to this is determining which jewelry you want to hang.  That will determine how many wooden beads you need to use and how you want to space them out.  For the larger statement necklaces I needed to use two wooden beads to hang them so they could hold their shape.  My bracelets and watches did fine with just one wooden bead and my earrings were able to hang by themselves.

Wall DIY Jewelry Display Canvases Closer

On a table or floor, lay out how you want the canvases and the jewelry to look.  I spaced mine out about an inch from each other in this diamond shape.  I determined that I liked the diamond shape because it looked a bit more artistic than having them in the traditional square or straight shape.  Once you lay out the canvas, place the beads and jewelry on them, placing them in the exact position you want. Be sure to space out the beads in the right areas and keep them as proportioned and straight as possible.  Take a photo of the canvases so you can remember how the jewelry was placed later on.

Glue beads on canvas

Carefully remove the jewelry from the beads, making sure not to move the beads too much.

Wall DIY Jewelry Display Canvases - pencil

With a pencil, mark directly underneath the beads with a small dot in the center.  Remove the beads from the canvases and look again to make sure the dots are proportioned and straight.  Use a ruler here to help if needed.

Wall DIY Jewelry Display Canvases - bottom and bead

Add a bead of glue to the bottom of the wooden beads and place directly in the center of the small dots.  Be sure to use the beads with the flat bottom, as it makes it easier to secure in place.  The beads create a hook on which your various types of jewelry will hang.

DIY Jewelry Display Canvases -dry

Let the glue dry for a minute before adding any jewelry.  Using wall hanging strips, hang the canvases on your wall in decorative array.

Jewelry Display Canvas

Refer to the previous photo of your jewelry to make sure you hang them how you originally intended.

I love DIYing items that I would normally use for something else in an unconventional way.  These canvases were perfect for hanging my jewelry.  The jewelry did not weigh the canvas down or rip the canvas at all.  This minimal wall art is perfect for my closet as I can set out the jewelry that I am going to wear the next day for work, but it also adds some lovely decor to my bare walls!

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