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Can You Freeze Pancakes? Learn How to Do This Right

Pancakes can be the perfect breakfast, perfect lunch, dinner, or dessert. Sure, we kind of like pancakes a lot more than other foods, so it’s probably easy to understand why we want to know how we can freeze them.

Can you freeze pancakes

If you’re wondering if you can freeze pancakes, then we can definitely work it out. We’ll go through all the steps so we can find out how we can do this.

Can You Freeze Pancakes?

Of course, we’re not the only ones who love pancakes. One of our readers has sent us a message regarding freezing pancakes. Here it is:

My youngest son and his friends are involved in a squash team and play competition matches every saturday. Since this a rather high demanding sport, when they come home at 4 pm, they are starving and we have set this tradition to make a huge pancake snack after their squash games!

I usually make them before they kick in, but it takes quite some time to make 20 pancakes in a row, and I feel I would be eased if I could prepare the pancakes in advance and then freeze them, so I would not be in a rush every staturday ! Is it possible to freeze cooked pancakes? Or do you advise to freeze pancakes batter?

Yes, you can freeze pancakes! You can freeze either the cooked pancakes or the pancakes batter.

How to Freeze Pancake Batter?

How to freeze pancake batter

As we already mentioned, you can freeze cooked pancakes, or the batter.

Pancakes batter conservation and freezing advice

  • In the fridge: you can keep your pancake batter for 2 days maximum in the fridge, in a plastic bottle. Mix well before use, pour into a salad bowl and remix with a spoon.
  • In the freezer: you can freeze it for a period of 2 months, always in a plastic bottle.

How to Freeze Pancakes?

How to freeze pancakes

Pancakes conservation and freezing advice

  • In the fridge: you can also cook your pancakes and store them for 3-4 days in aluminum foil in the refrigerator.
  • In the freezer: you can also freeze them by putting them in a storage bag and separating each crepe with parchment paper so that they do not stick together.

How to Keep Pancakes for Longer?

If you want to keep pancakes for longer, you can use a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers are great because they take out the air and perfectly seal the bags, offering a longer storage time.

We have a long list of vacuum sealers you can try out, but our favorite is the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine, an appliance that works with freezer bags and containers alike. It will save you time and money in the long run.

How to Thaw Pancakes and Pancake Batter?

How to thaw pancakes and pancake batter

Thawing pancakes or the batter can be done in a couple of ways, depending on which way you went about freezing.

  • Pancake Batter: Leave the dough thawing at room temperature, so think about taking it out a few hours before.
  • Pancakes: Thaw the pancakes for a few seconds in the microwave. They may be a bit more brittle by freezing them.

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