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Stunning DIY Botanical Jewelry

Have you ever wandered into an upscale boutique and gone to peruse the jewelry section? Perhaps this is just us, but the thing that always catches our eye first and most prominently in these scenarios is the botanical jewelry, which always seems to be present in the finest boutiques. We also notice each time, however, that these pieces, which are most often made with real greenery, are usually out of our price range. That’s where our DIY skills come in to save the day! Did you know that, with a little bit of creativity and a few unique supplies, you can make your own more affordable versions of these pendants and things at home?

Check out these 15 DIY tutorials that will teach you how to make your very own stunning botanical jewelry at your very own crafting table!

1. Leaf and resin necklace pendant

Leaf and resin necklace pendant

Have you ever seen a small, delicate leaf that’s perfectly in tact and the most wonderful, vibrant green and silently wished to yourself that you could preserve its beauty somehow? Well, thanks to this breathtakingly pretty necklace pendant tutorial from Anastasiya Lazareva, you can! See what materials they used and how they chose a pendant and leaf combination that fit together perfectly.

2. Rounded moss earrings

Rounded moss earrings

On a rainy afternoon, after the rain has fallen and the sun has started to peek out just a little but before all the perfect little droplets have fallen or dried from the leaves, one of our favourite things to do is go out for a walk because that’s when the air is at its freshest. If you look down into the trees, you might even be lucky enough to see a tiny leaf or flower encased perfectly within a rain drop. That’s exactly what these stunning round DIY moss earrings from Caymancode look like!

3. Fir tree resin ring

Fir tree resin ring

Many people who work with resin are used to using it to make part of a jewelry piece, but when it comes to working with botanical materials, where every aspect of the plant is so nice that it’s worth showcasing, why not create a completely clear piece entirely from resin instead? That’s exactly what Online Jewelry Class did with this fir ring and we can’t get over how nice the final product looks.

4. DIY stamped botanical clay pendants

Diy stamped botanical clay pendants

Perhaps you love the way botanical pieces look but you’d actually prefer a piece that’s a more unconventional colour even though it harnesses the beauty of the plant it features, rather than just letting the natural plant stand out for itself? Then try imprinting it instead! Intimate Weddings guides you through the process of making a clay pendant that looks just like a botanical fossil but painted any colour you please.