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DIY Pop Art Inspired Home Decor

We might not have grown up in the era of Andy Warhol and we might not be regular visitors to the art installations of Jeff Kunst, but we’ve always had a special place in our hearts for pop art. There’s something about the way it takes regular, everyday objects and well known people or images and combines those with repeat patterns, bright colours, and interesting angles. As the combination pop culture and crafting buffs that we are, you can imagine how excited we were when we realized there’s a whole world of DIY tutorials out there designed to help you make your very own classically pop art inspired decor pieces!

Check out these 15 amazing ideas for DIY pop art that will impress and intrigue any visitor who comes through your door.

1. faux screen-printed canvas

Faux screen printed canvas

If you’ve ever done screen printing on t-shirts before then this technique for consistently recreating a simple image over and over across a canvas will be absolutely no sweat for you. If you haven’t, then check out how HGTV repeated this awesome vintage camera silhouette onto a bright canvas in awesomely contrasting paint! If you’ve ever seen Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup print, then you know why we think this is cool.

2. Pop culture poster frame collage

Pop culture poster frame collage

If you’re already a popular culture fanatic then you probably have prints and posters of all kinds stashed away that would be perfect for making your own contemporary version of a pop art wall collage. Put your collection on proud display with something like this awesome varied frame setup from Sadecor! The bright the colour accents and the more varied the depictions and subjects, the better.

3. Owl pop art DIY

Owl pop art diy

Are you pretty into the idea of creating your own pop art, but your supplies are limited and you’d prefer to use your own drawing or painting skills to create the images yourself? Then try creating a repeating pattern of something you love, the way DazzleDIY did with these super colourful cartoon owls!

4. Colour trip wall

Colour trip wall

Are you feeling so incredibly inspired by pop art aesthetics, shapes, and colour combinations that you’re willing to make quite a permanent commitment to the look? Then try painting right onto your wall, rather than just making a painting to hang there! Yourself at Home suggests painting very straight block coloured stripes vertically down the wall in varying thicknesses and a full range of bright colours to your heart’s content.