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DIY Fringe Brass Necklace

Flowy fringe is in style, and we got you a fun and easy project thats perfect if you love bold jewelry and fiber. In a couple minutes you can make yourself a beautiful flowy piece to wear around your neck and add some spice to your outfit.

Diy fringe brass necklace

Diy fringe brass necklace supplies

You will need:

  • Pearl cotton thread
  • 18 gauge brass wire
  • Ultimate adhesive or glue gun
  • 4 Jump rings
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Jewelry chain
  • Measuring stick
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers, cutters, round nose pliers

Diy fringe brass necklace prepare the brass

Step 1: Take the brass wire and cut 6 inches with your jewelry cutter.

Diy fringe brass necklace brass wire and cut 6 inches

Step 2: With your hands mold the brass wire into a semi-circle. If you need help molding the wire you can wrap it on something round, like a jar or a can.

Diy fringe brass necklace mold the brass wire

Step 3 : Using the round nose plier, create a loop on both ends of the wire- carefully wrap the ends around the tip/middle of the round nose plier.

Diy fringe brass necklace string

Diy fringe brass necklace you can opt for different colors

Step 4: Take the Pearl cotton thread and cut in right in the middle and divide the thread into 4 different bundles.

Diy fringe brass necklace knot

Diy fringe brass necklace how to string around brass

Diy fringe brass necklace attache the thread

Step 5: Now its time to attach the thread onto the brass wire. Take a bundle of the thread and attach it to the brass by doing a larks knot- Fold the bundle of thread and place it under the brass, the folded area should be a the bottom and the ends at the top. Bring both ends over the brass, heading downward. Then pass them under the folded area and pull firmly.

Diy fringe brass necklace glue

Step 6: Attach all 4 bundles onto the brass using a larks knot. Once you have attached all 4 pieces, take your glue or hot glue gun and drop a small amount of glue on the back of the knot, in-between the thread. Doing this well ensure that the thread won’t come loose.

Diy fringe brass necklace trim the ends of the fringe

Step 7: Once the glue has completely dried, trim the ends of the fringe with a pair of scissors. You can decide how long of short you want the fringe to lay.

Diy fringe brass necklace chain

Step 8: Decide how long you want the necklace to lay and cut 2 pieces of the chain. Now attach the brass fringe to the chain by connecting the ends with a jump ring, and use the pliers to close the ring.

Diy fringe brass necklace clasp jewlry

Step 9: At the end of the chain attach the jewelry clasp with a jump ring, and then attach the ring on the other chain.

Diy fringe brass necklace craft

Enjoy your new fringe statement piece! Happy crafting!