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DIY Fringe Brass Necklace

Flowy fringe is in style, and we got you a fun and easy project thats perfect if you love bold jewelry and fiber. In a couple minutes you can make yourself a beautiful flowy piece to wear around your neck and add some spice to your outfit.

Diy fringe brass necklace

Diy fringe brass necklace supplies

You will need:

  • Pearl cotton thread
  • 18 gauge brass wire
  • Ultimate adhesive or glue gun
  • 4 Jump rings
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Jewelry chain
  • Measuring stick
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers, cutters, round nose pliers

Diy fringe brass necklace prepare the brass

Step 1: Take the brass wire and cut 6 inches with your jewelry cutter.

Diy fringe brass necklace brass wire and cut 6 inches

Step 2: With your hands mold the brass wire into a semi-circle. If you need help molding the wire you can wrap it on something round, like a jar or a can.

Diy fringe brass necklace mold the brass wire

Step 3 : Using the round nose plier, create a loop on both ends of the wire- carefully wrap the ends around the tip/middle of the round nose plier.

Diy fringe brass necklace string