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8 Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations Reviews – Make Your Yard Stand Out This Halloween

Creepy is bad except on Halloween. That’s when you go out of your way to pick the best outdoor Halloween decorations. What better way to spook the trick-and-treaters and make heads turn every time someone passes in front of your house?

Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations

You can consider Halloween an opportunity for the child inside all of us to come out and act upon all our scary fantasies and spooky experiences. It’s the same reason we enjoy scary movies. So if you want to make the coming Halloween season a memorable one, you’ll need truly outstanding outdoor Halloween decorations.

We took a plunge into the scary world of Halloween and tried out the top outdoor Halloween decorations available in the market. Some were scarier than others, but for the most part, they were all very entertaining, and the whole experience was quite exhilarating. We included a buying guide to help you choose the best Halloween decorations for the outdoors. But first, let’s have a closer look at the top products that made the cut.

Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations Reviews

With fear as your goal, you’re ready to pick the scariest outdoor Halloween decorations that make children and adults alike gasp with shock. Here are some of the scariest decorations we found on the market. As usual, we start with the scariest of them all.

1. Editor’s Choice: GOOSH 6FT Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Halloween Outdoor Yard Decorations

Goosh 6ft inflatable skeleton unicorn halloween outdoor yard decorations

A unicorn is a favorite childhood fantasy that symbolizes freedom and unlimited possibilities. So when Goosh played on that concept, the result was as spooky as you’d expect. The GOOSH 6FT Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Halloween Outdoor Yard Decorations revolves around an innocent-looking unicorn after being stripped of its usual pink flesh. The 6-foot giant inflatable unicorn gets your attention right away.

As you get closer and see the painted skeleton instead of the pink body, you will want to run away. Only the head, tail, and heart remain intact, and the fact that it’s lit doesn’t make it less spooky. The white bones and face are painted on a black background while the pink mane and tail shine to remind you of what a beauty it was once. The bright led lights not only increase its visibility but also make sure this will be the focal point of all your Halloween decorations this year.

And since it’s inflatable, it comes with secure anchors to keep it tethered to the ground. It remains stable even in the presence of strong winds. The attached 10-foot electric cord allows you more freedom when choosing where to place it in your yard. As for power consumption, it only uses 12 volts, so your electricity bill will not spike while you keep this skeletal unicorn lit during the Halloween season.

On the downside, while the body and even heart are well lit, the legs, for some reason, are missing some LED lights of their own. From afar and in the dark, it looks like a legless skeletal unicorn hovering above the ground. But maybe that’s a feature rather than a bug. It depends on how you look at it.


  • Sturdy and inflatable skeletal unicorn.
  • 6 feet in length and 5.5 feet high.
  • 10-foot electrical cord.
  • Energy-efficient using 12 volts.
  • Inflates quickly.
  • Bright LED lights illuminate the body of the unicorn.


  • The legs lack LED lights and remain dark.
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2. Best Budget: Halloween Ghost Hanging Decoration Outdoor Decor

Halloween ghost hanging decoration outdoor decor

If you’re looking to spook people this Halloween, why not go with the ghost theme? For some people, ghosts are very much real, and just bringing them up in a conversation will make people shiver. So imagine bringing that fear out in the open with the Halloween Ghost Hanging Decoration Outdoor Decor. The idea is simple, you hang two giant ghosts in front of your front door to greet your guests and trick-and-treaters.

The two ghosts share the same cheerful personality, among other things. While one ghost has a big smile on its pale face, the other one sticks its tongue out while winking at you. There’s nothing scarier than two giant ghosts totally at ease and seemingly enjoying themselves.

The ghosts measure 45.85 inches high by 45.45 inches across. They are handmade from both fabric and wires. You can hang them using the wires from the roof of the porch and wrap one arm around the post. Or you can hang them from a tree and let them swing with the wind for a more dramatic effect. Whatever setting you use these funny ghosts in, they sure will send a chill down the viewer’s spine. And when Halloween is over, take them down and store them away. They might come in handy as an accessory for another theme in the coming years.

Although the ghosts come with plenty of wires to hang and stretch them, there’s no guarantee they will not wrap around whatever object you hang them against. You have to attach them from three sides and only leave the tail free to get that flat and smooth look.


  • Two ghosts with funny expressions.
  • Handmade design.
  • Sturdy fabric and wires to hang the ghosts.
  • Versatile use.
  • Affordable price.


  • When hung against a tree or a post, the fabric will not remain smooth and flat.
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3. Premium Pick: UNGLINGA Giant Yard Halloween Decorations Outdoor Scary Decor

Unglinga giant yard halloween decorations outdoor scary decor

Since we’re on the subject of instilling fear in people’s hearts, then spiders should feature in your next outdoor Halloween decorations. That’s what the UNGLINGA Giant Yard Halloween Decorations Outdoor Scary Decor takes care of.

Featuring a large spider on an even larger spider web, this decoration says a lot without going overboard. It comes with a hook to hang the top of the web against a tree or the roof of the house. As for the bottom, you can anchor it to the ground using five stakes. This ensures that the spider web remains stretched and in full view at all times.

The spider web measures 23 feet long and 17 feet wide. Its widest points are at the bottom, and it tapers at the top. As for the spider, it’s 36 inches in width and has a hairy body with red and menacing eyes. The web is made of polyester and hand-knotted to create a sturdy structure.

Adding to the spookiness of this setup, the package comes with a bunch of small spiders made of plastic. You can place these little spiders anywhere you like. Scatter them around the spider web and place them on the ground for a more realistic but no less frightening atmosphere.

Although the spider web is made from polyester, which is waterproof, the spider itself is a different story. If it rains, the spider gets wet. But that I mean it looks like a wet bunny which is not scary at all. Also, the fuzz comes off easily after only a few days out in the yard.


  • A giant spider web with a hairy spider perched on top.
  • It measures 23 feet by 17 feet, while the spider measures 36 inches.
  • The web is made of polyester to weather the wind and rainfall.
  • Easy to set up with a hook and five stakes.
  • Simple design but quite effective.


  • The fuzz on the body of the spider comes off easily.
  • The spider is not waterproof.
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4. ATDAWN Fog Machine with Lights, Wireless Remote Control, Smoke Machine

Atdawn fog machine with lights, wireless remote control, smoke machine

If neither spiders nor ghosts do it for you, how about fog? Borrowing from scary movies, Atdawn came up with a machine that fills your place with fog and makes this one Halloween to remember. The ATDAWN Fog Machine with Lights, Wireless Remote Control, Smoke Machine is a simple concept that fills up an enclosed space with fog just like you see in concerts. To add to the spooky effects of the fog, the machine also has built-in lights in 7 different colors.

While the machine is spewing the fog, change the light patterns to make the place even scarier.

The fog machine has a compact body and is made of aluminum. It weighs 3.9 pounds and has a handle for mobility. It consumes 7.5 ml of fog fluid per minute. So with a tank with 350 ml capacity, it can go on for 46 minutes straight before you have to refill the tank with fog fluid.

Besides creating a spooky background for Halloween, you can also use it in parties, weddings, and family get-togethers to add a festive atmosphere. It shoots fog out of its nozzle for up to 9 feet distance and has a wireless controller to change the light settings and adjust the fog flow.

Safety is a main concern with the fog machine. For one thing, the fog nozzle heats up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit during operation. Then there’s the health risk involved with direct exposure to the fog. You should never aim the fog nozzle at a person less than 6 feet away from the machine. That could be a health hazard.


  • Fog machine spews fog up to 9 feet away.
  • 7 different light colors.
  • Remote control.
  • Versatile use for Halloween, weddings, and parties.
  • Compact and portable.


  • Fog nozzle heats up to 176 degrees F when operational.
  • Direct exposure to the fog nozzle in close proximity can be a health risk.
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5. Cheerin Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Scary Spider Decorations

Cheerin outdoor halloween decorations scary spider decorations

Spiders never go out of fashion. Live or fake, they never fail to make one’s skin crawl. This is why we tried another spider to see how chilling of an effect it will have on the visitors. The Cheerin Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Scary Spider Decorations is as creepy as you might expect of a giant spider web.

The thing about this spider is that it has flexible legs. Although these outdoor Halloween decorations are easy to set up, you might want to spend some time propping up the spider. You can stretch the legs or bend them up to make it look like it’s ready to bounce on the first person that comes close enough.

The spider web is also easy to fix to the wall or a tree using the hook at the top and the five stakes that keep it anchored to the ground. You can easily fold it and unfold it since it’s made of artificial cotton. It’s both sturdy and flexible, allowing you to stretch it out across the lawn or adjust its width if you only have limited space for the decorations. The hairy spider also comes with two small spiders to enhance the overall creepy effect you’re going for.

On the other hand, the spider web is too soft and gets easily tangled. If you don’t keep it taut, a slight gust of wind could make it fold upon itself like a cocoon. Also, its water resistance is in doubt both for the spider and the web. So it’s not really ideal to leave it out in the rain.


  • A creepy spider on a giant web.
  • Flexible spider legs to give it menacing postures.
  • Installs easily against a tree, wall, or the roof of the porch.
  • Comes with a hook and five stakes.


  • The web gets tangled easily if not anchored correctly.
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6. Joyjoz Halloween Creepy Cloth, Creepy Spooky Halloween Decorations Outdoor

Joyjoz halloween creepy cloth, creepy spooky halloween decorations outdoor

When it comes to outdoor Halloween decorations, it’s all about the little details. The more time you put into making sure the background fits and complements the centerpiece of your decorations, the spookier and more authentic atmosphere you’ll get. And that’s where the Joyjoz Halloween Creepy Cloth, Creepy Spooky Halloween Decorations Outdoor comes in. It offers a spooky cloth that turns any yard into the setting of a horror movie.

Made of stretchable cotton, the creepy cloth measures 6.6 by 33.3 feet. And because it’s stretchable, you can cover an area of 861 square feet with it. The versatile cloth allows you to create any setting or costume you can think of. No matter how outlandish your Halloween theme this year, the Joyjoz will help you bring your ideas into reality. It is easy to handle and sturdy enough to fit as a mummy outfit, a backdrop to a spooky scene from a horror movie, or a creepy spider web.

The holes in the cloth come in handy to fuse in some of the spooky accessories that go with your chosen theme. Hang some spiders, skeletons, bats, or even ghosts. The multipurpose gauze fit in many scenes, designs, and themes.

Although it does a good job creating the right backdrop for your Halloween decorations, the Joyjoz gauze still needs other decoration items to create a finished theme. On its own, it’s just a drape hanging over your wall or entrance.


  • Made of stretchable cotton.
  • Covers an 861 square foot area.
  • Multipurpose gauze and versatile.
  • Included holes to hang spooky accessories.


  • It serves as part of the decorations but not the whole theme. You need other spooky items with it to finish your decorations.
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7. 12 Pcs Lighted Witch Hats, Upgrade Hanging Witch Hats String Lights for Outdoor

12 pcs lighted witch hats, upgrade hanging witch hats string lights for outdoor

Witches have always been part of our childhood nightmares. So what better way to exorcise these demons than crafting a witch theme for Halloween? The 12 Pcs Lighted Witch Hats, Upgrade Hanging Witch Hats String Lights for Outdoor create that very effect. They combine witch hats and string LED lights to turn any setting into a creepy horror show.

The lighted witch hats fit on just about anything you can think of. Jack-O-Lanterns, tree branches, scarecrows, ghosts, posts, and even spiders. The pointy hats on top of a dark and menacing skeleton, for example, create the right creepy atmosphere you’re going for.

Since they’re lightweight and powered by LED lights, you can hang them across the lawn and let them sway eerily with the wind. The witch hats go well with other accessories such as bats, brooms, witches on brooms, creepy caves, and cauldrons, to name but a few ideas.

The hats come in different colors to create a festive atmosphere. That, combined with the LED lights, helps inject a dose of humor into the decorations and lighten up the spookiness of the night. The 12-piece decorations have a switch to flip on and off, and they will not be affected by weather conditions, including wind or rain.

On the downside, they don’t come with remote control. So you’ll have to manually switch each hat on and off. This limits the functionality and effects the lighted hats create and makes them less convenient. If you keep a couple of hats on tree branches, then you’ll need to climb up in the evening to switch them on then again in the morning to switch them off.


  • 12 lighted witch hats with light strings.
  • Lightweight and easy to hang anywhere you like.
  • Resist wind and rainfall.
  • Different colors.


  • Each hat has to be manually switched on and off.
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8. Fun World Super Stretch Spider Web for Halloween Indoor/Outdoor Decoration

Fun world super stretch spider web for halloween indoor outdoor decoration

Another spider web, complete with hairy spiders from Fun World Costumes, wraps up this list for us. The Fun World Super Stretch Spider Web for Halloween Indoor/Outdoor Decoration takes the concept of spider webs to a whole new level. For one thing, the silky webbing is so authentic looking, it’s easy to mistake it for a real spider web even from up close.

Weighing only 9 ounces, there’s enough mesh in the bag to cover an 800 square foot area. And with the tiny spiders pre-installed on the web, you will have a genuine and creepy spider web across your porch or the front door in no time. It’s easy to install and allows you a lot of room to create different designs and add an eerie ambiance to your otherwise harmless lawn.

With so much material to work with, you can use the Super Stretch Spider Web to wrap light bulbs, drape the skeletons, ghosts, and witches, and even cover the flower with tiny crawling spiders. The silky mesh doesn’t get tangled and is sturdy enough to withstand the wind. It doesn’t get soaked in the rain, so your decorations will stay intact throughout the Halloween season until you take them down and store them away for next year.

The downside to this Spider Web is that you can only stretch it in one direction, lengthwise. If you try to stretch it across to give yourself more leeway, the material doesn’t yield easily. This limits your options, especially when you’re trying to drape a large and intricate shape.


  • Silky webbing that looks like the real thing.
  • Covers 800 square feet of space.
  • Complete with tiny spiders.
  • Doesn’t tear easily.


  • The fabric stretches only in one direction, lengthwise.
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Outdoor Halloween Decorations Buying Guide

Of course, outdoor Halloween decorations are more about how to use them more than the quality, design, or materials of the product. This is why in our buying guide, we’ll focus on how to make the most out of your decorations and how to use them to express the inner artist in you.

How to Use Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Rather than treat your outdoor Halloween decorations as a potpourri of all the scary items you can get your hand on, it’s always best to choose a theme for this year and stick with it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Halloween Theme: Your Halloween decorations will get the attention of anybody who passes by your door if you have a scary theme. You want people to look at your decorations and know right away what you’re trying to represent. Are you going with witches this year? A cauldron, cobwebs, and some old and gnarly brooms lying around will get the concept across beautifully. Or maybe you want to try zombies this Halloween. It’s always a popular theme. Or you could go with Frankenstein or even ghosts. Whatever you choose, stick to it and resist the temptation to add other items that don’t belong to it.
  • Don’t Go Overboard: Moderation is the best course of action. Don’t buy expensive decorations that create a big hole in your pocket. Instead, focus on affordable Halloween decorations that reflect the theme you choose without being too flashy. People will appreciate the way you design the lay together the decorations more than their cost or value.
  • The Fear Factor: Halloween is all about creating an atmosphere of fear and scary memories. So always try to shock people by focusing on a design that inspires fear. Don’t go with funny or humorous elements since they are not scary. Your success depends on how much fear you can trigger from anyone who sees your Halloween decorations.

Types of Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween decorations come in a wide variety of choices. Just think of the many things that get people frightened. There’s a type for each one of them. Here are some of the common types. You can easily mix and match to create the perfect creepy atmosphere you aspire for.

  • Inflatables: The go-to decorations for Halloween. They are easy to set up, don’t require much fiddling with, and are relatively cheap compared to other decorations types. The inflatable usually represents a spooky figure that invariably shows bones, skulls, and skeletons. Inflatables such as the GOOSH 6FT Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Halloween Outdoor Yard Decorations have LED lights to make them visible at night.
  • Spiders: Very popular choices since spiders make people weak at the knees regardless of their age. These decorations often depict a large and hairy spider perched on top of a giant net. Some spiders, such as the Cheerin Outdoor Halloween Decorations have flexible legs to make it easy to create different intimidating postures.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns: Of course, it won’t be a Halloween without a Jack-O-Lantern. If you don’t have the time or patience to carve your own, you can simply buy a few. They are made of plastic and have LED lights to give them a creepy smile.
  • Fog Machine: You can use a fog machine to create a spooky atmosphere that envelopes the visitors. They usually come with LED light fixtures that emanate light in different colors. Their uses are not just limited to Halloween, however. You can also use them at parties, weddings, or fun get-togethers.

Tips for Decorating For Halloween

Halloweens are for fun and bringing out the artist inside of you. But with all the climbing up and down ladders, fiddling with electrical outlets, and handling of hazardous materials, safety should be a top-of-mind priority. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • There’s no right or wrong about outdoor Halloween decorations. It’s your design and your ideas, follow through with them to the end and be flexible.
  • Water sources and electricity don’t mix. So avoid hanging string lights or lighted accessories near the pool, the fountain, or the sprinklers.
  • Check the ladder before you climb on it. Make sure it locks in place and is stable on the ground.
  • When installing complex decorations such as a fog machine, read the safety instructions and follow them carefully.
  • Daylight is your best friend when hanging Halloween decorations. If it’s getting dark outside, you should wait till the next day to finish hanging your decorations.
  • As much as possible, avoid hanging the decorations on your own. You should have someone close by to offer assistance and call for help if needed.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations FAQs

What is the best time to take down my outdoor Halloween decorations?

As soon as the hallowed night is over, it’s best to start dismantling your decorations and storing them away. The fun in Halloween is during the days and nights leading up to it. But once it’s over, you need to take it down and prepare for Xmass and all of the fuss associated with it.

When is Devil’s Night?

The Devil’s Night is an Irish concept that falls on the 30th of October, the night before Halloween. Back in Ireland, where it started, pranksters would go about town creating mischief and funny pranks that they would blame on the devil and goblins. You can think of the Devil’s Night as April’s Fool Day but with a dark and creepy twist. Examples of mischief you can come up with in your mild-mannered neighborhood include toilet papering your neighbor’s car or even home. Keep in mind that the recipient of the prank should take it in the spirit it was dished out. Otherwise, the Devil’s Night could turn into a night from hell.

Is safety a main concern when decorating for Halloween?

Safety should be front and center when putting on your outdoor Halloween decorations. You’re dealing with many hazardous materials, including electric lights and ladders. Since this is the outdoors, you have to factor in strong winds and rainfall. The last thing you’d want is for the wind to knock down your bulky ghost shape and smash your windows. Also, keep string lights and lighted accessories away from water sources.

The Last Word

After this spooky and fun journey into the world of outdoor Halloween decorations, it’s time to announce our picks. The editor’s choice goes to the GOOSH 6FT Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Halloween Outdoor Yard Decorations. The sturdy and inflatable skeletal unicorn is easy to set up and keep anchored to the ground. It inspires fear and awe with its bulky white skeleton, white face, and pink mane and tail. The bright LED lights are energy-efficient and make it the centerpiece in your decorations.

For the best buck for your money, we chose the Halloween Ghost Hanging Decoration Outdoor Decor. The two joyous ghosts hang in front of your door to greet the visitors and trick-and-treaters. Easy to install, the ghosts stick out and give your Halloween a funny and delightful twist. The ghosts are versatile and can fit in any setting or theme you devise for or around them.

For our premium pick, the UNGLINGA Giant Yard Halloween Decorations Outdoor Scary Decor was the top contender. It takes the business of scaring people quite seriously. Composed of a giant web and a large spider perched on it, it takes your outdoor Halloween decorations to a new level. The sturdy polyester web is water-resistant and doesn’t tear or get entangled, thanks to the hook and 5 stakes that keep it anchored.