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DIY Projects: 25 Best Housewarming Gifts

So your friend just moved to a new home, and you’re heading over to help welcome them into their new space. The hardest part is figuring out what kind of gift to get them…. until now! Here are 25 of our favorite DIY housewarming gifts that won’t cost a fortune to make!

1. Painted Pots

2 painted potted plants

This is an easy one, and so perfect for anyone who is a fan of a little greenery in their home. And the pots are handmade, making it an even more thoughtful gift. Just grab a paintbrush and a handful of white pots to get started. Head over to Christina Williams’ blog to find out the details.

2. Wooden Serving Board

4 hickory chop board gift

This simple serving board would be perfect for anyone who likes to entertain… charcuterie would feel right at home on this piece. And it’s incredibly easy to make! Head over to Francois et Moi to find out all the details and to see more images of this pretty board.

3. Cheers! Kitchen Towel

3 cheers kitchen towels

A kitchen towel is a handy item that most everyone needs, so why not transform it into something celebratory?! Here we have a fun towel with the work “cheers!” written in gold script. Make your way over to Blitsy to find out how to make one of these fun towels.

4. Gardener’s Essentials Basket

5 gardeners essentials basket

If your friends have just moved to a home with a garden for the first time, then this “gardener’s essentials” basket would be the perfect gift for them. It will get them started with a pair of gardening gloves, clippers, seeds, etc. And everything is housed in a pot! Read more here.

5. Home Sweet Home Sign

1 home sweet home sign

This “home sweet home” sign will look gorgeous in any house, with its black and white color scheme and subtle decorative elements. Your friends are sure to absolutely love it! Make your way over to Where The Smiles Have Been to check out the full tutorial.

6. DIY Dinner Basket

8 dinner gift basket

Give your friends the gift of an easy homemade dinner, with this thoughtful dinner in a basket gift. This one contains a variety of items, including spaghetti, olive oil, wooden spoons, etc. You can customize it according to your friends’ tastes – the key is to include everything for a complete meal. Read more about it here.

7. Crocheted Washcloths

7 washcloth pattern housewarming gift

Handmade washcloths are another great gift for anyone with a new home. These beautiful crocheted ones are perfect for the kitchen, pretty enough to be displayed right on the sink. And they can be made with all of those half-skeins of yarn you no doubt have in your craft closet. Get the tutorial at Petals to Picots.

8. Wine Caddy

9 wine bottle holder

This clever wooden wine caddy makes carrying a bottle of wine and glasses a snap. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who likes to sip on a glass of vino in the backyard. All you’ll need is some wood, stain, and a few basic woodworking tools. Head over to Down Home Inspiration to learn how to make it.

9. DIY Tiki Torch Bottles

6 diy tiki torch bottles

Here’s another great housewarming gift for anybody who likes to spend time out in the backyard. These DIY tiki torches can be made out of any type of bottle, and look pretty as a set of two or three. Make your way over to Sugar and Charm to learn how to make these gorgeous torches.

10. Gin and Tonic Kit

10 diy gin tonic gift

If a boozy basket would be a welcome gift for the recipient, give this gin and tonic kit a try! This one is unique because it is all housed in a fun lantern that can later be used on the patio. Be sure to include extras like a citrus juicer, straws and cocktail napkins. Check out more ideas at Pretty Mayhem.

11. DIY Terrarium

11 diy terrarium gift

If the new homeowners enjoy plants and greenery, give them something unique – a handmade terrarium! Just head to the local garden nursery and pick up the essentials… moss, ferns, succulents, rocks and some charcoal chips. Your friends will be impressed with your skills! Check out other terrarium ideas here.

12. Pom Pom Pillows

13 pom pom pillows

Jump on the pom pom trend bandwagon with this pretty DIY blue and pink pom pom pillow. Your friends will be thrilled to have such a stylish piece, and they’ll never know that you made it! Head over to Honestly WTF to learn how to make your own version.

13. Marble and Wood Serving Tray

12 diy marble wood serving platter

If the new homeowners are big entertainers, this stunning serving board might be a good choice for them. Made of wood and marble, the combination creates an elegant gift that is surprisingly easy to make. Head over to Almost Makes Perfect to find out how to make it.

14. Crocheted Blanket

14 diy crochet blanket

A cozy blanket is always a welcome gift, and this chunky crocheted throw is no different. Except that it is handmade! All you’ll need for this one is a lot of chunky yarn and a crochet hook. Make your way over to Always Rooney to find out how to create this beautiful piece yourself.

15. Painted Terracotta Pot

15 potted herb plant

Transform a plain old terracotta pot with some paint and twine, and plant an herb inside – the recipient will be thrilled with the pretty pot and the living herb. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Make your way over to The Beauty Dojo to find out how to create this lovely housewarming gift.

16. Monogram Wreath

17 floral spring wreath

There’s nothing sweeter than a wreath that’s customized with your monogram… your friends are sure to love this! And it’s not all that difficult to make – simply grab a few basic materials from your local craft store and you’ll be ready to go. Head over to Positively Splendid to check out the tutorial.

17. Free Wine Printables

19 wine cheers free printable art

These free printables have cheeky little sayings on them, making them a perfect housewarming gift for that wine lover with a sense of humor. Frame them up and your friends are sure to love them. Head over to Eclectically Vintage to download the files and read the instructions.

18. Home Sweet Home String Art

18 home sweet home string art

String art has become popular again lately, and with good reason – the supply list is short, and it’s not all that difficult to do. This “home sweet home” piece would be absolutely perfect for that new homeowner who needs something pretty to hang on the wall. Learn more here. 

19. Cozy Plaid Blanket

16 diy gift easy stadium throw blanket

Although this one may look complicated to make, it’s actually not as hard as it seems. All you’ll need is some flannel, fabric paint for the stripes, and a few other basic materials. Head over to Making Lemonade Blog to find out exactly how to make this lovely piece.

20. Champagne Wrapped In A Tea Towel

20 wine wrapped kitchen tea towel

Champagne is always a good gift for a new homeowner, but sometimes it needs that extra something… and this might be just the thing! Simply wrap your bottle in a pretty kitchen towel or tea towel of your choice, and tie a ribbon around the top. This way, the wrapping can later be used as a towel! Read more here.

21. Fabric Napkins

22 pieced napkins diy

If you know how to sew, then fabric napkins are always a thoughtful gift. These in particular are quite lovely, with a pieced look that comes from using a variety of different types of striped and solid fabric. Make your way over to The Purl Bee to check out the full tutorial.

22. Lavender Rosemary Candle

24 lavender rosemary candle

A beautiful handmade candle is always a lovely way to welcome friends into their new home. This lavender rosemary one is made in a small mason jar and accented with a piece of fresh rosemary and a cute “made with love” tag. Head over to Live Simply to read the instructions.

23. Hand Printed Tea Towel

23 stencil tea towel

This colorful geometric tea towel is hand printed, using fabric paint and a handmade stencil. This is a super affordable project, so if you’re trying to stick to a budget, this could be the perfect option. Make your way over to Lovely Indeed to find out how to make your own version.

24. French Lavender Soap

25 castil lavender soap diy

Handmade liquid soap is a lovely gift for anyone, really…. and the beautiful labels on this one make it look like it is store-bought. Head over to Lia Griffith’s blog to find out how to mix up the soap and to download her free printable labels (they are hiding down at the bottom of the page).

25. Printed Pom Pom Pillow

21 printed pom pom pillow

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous throw pillow can be handmade… right down to the printed fabric and the fun pink pom poms. Feel free to customize it by changing up the print on the fabric, according to what the homeowners may like. Check out the full tutorial right here.

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