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9 Best Craft Kits for Kids to Stay Creative (2023 Edition)

In these home-centered times of self-isolation and the need for increased caution and care, we’ve been trying to remind those around us that our physical needs aren’t the only important ones. You and your kids also need to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing too, particularly in the absence of the usual very public and social ways that you might cope with life and even just simple boredom.

Best Craft Kits for Kid

Of course, that well-rounded sense of wellbeing naturally includes entertainment too, and we’ve really been relying on our crafting skills and love for creativity to be a huge part of that! Our kids are avid crafters and already have several creative hobbies each, but we’ve still been looking a lot online for cool crafting kit options that we might invest in to help them learn a new school or try out a technique they’ve always been interested in but never had the time to work on until now.

We’re pleased to report that we were pleasantly surprised with the large number and diverse nature of the kids’ crafting kits that are available online! By the time we’d finished bookmarking all the options we had liked and were ready to ask our kids what they thought, we realized that we’d basically built a whole recommendations list, so we figured we’d as well share it for other crafty parents and their kids to see too!

1. Foonii arts and crafts supplies jumbo kit

Foonii arts and crafts supplies jumbo kit

Are your kids actually quite young and new to the world of crafting, so you’re looking for a kit that’s slightly more generalized and might help you set them up for more than one type of crafting at once? In that case, we think you might do well with something like this jumbo crafting supplies set fromFoonii!

This set, which comes in a convenient plastic storage bag that’ll be useful even after you’ve used the whole setup, offers you a wide range of supplies that are useful in all different ways. These include stickers, sequins, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, markers, stencils, beads, googly eyes, and even a pair of safety scissors.

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2. 4M wind chimes kit

4m wind chimes kit

When you were searching for interesting crafting kits for your kids, did you actually have something a little more specific in mind, like a kit that will teach them how to make one particular kind of thing with full instructions? Well, if you’ve ever loved the sound of wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, even half as much as we have, then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at this kit from 4M that teaches you how to make cute painted terra cotta pot wind chimes!

Besides giving you the full instructions for making them chimes happen, this kit also provides you with two pots for painting and then stringing together, as well as a paintbrush and some paints that will adhere properly to the surface of the pots. You’ll even receive the string and twine for tying it all in place when you’re done painting!

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3. Creativity for Kids under the sea water globes kit

Creativity for kids under the sea water globes kit

In our house, the kids tend to love crafting things that are themed after whatever they’ve most recently seen and fallen in love with on television or in a movie. That’s why we were keeping their recent obsession with oceans and the sea in mind while we were scrolling, and also why we were so pleased to come across this under-the-sea-themed DIY water globes kit from Creativity for Kids!

This kit essentially teaches you how to make snow globes that, this time around, simply aren’t winter and snow-themed. Even so, they’re a whole lot of fun to put together, customize like an under-the-sea scene, and complete with water. You’ll get three snapping cases to build your globes in and all kinds of fun little models and features to choose from when it comes to designing what you want the inside of your globes to look like.

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4. Little Growers enchanted fairy garden and night light kit

Little growers enchanted fairy garden and night light kit

Are you feeling somewhat torn between picking a kit that will help your kids make something practical so they feel very fulfilled in the end and picking something that’s a little more whimsical and mostly just for fun? Well, who says that you can’t do both at once? This adorable 2-in-1 project from Little Growers that helps your child build a fun fairy garden that isalso a nightlight is the perfect example of what we mean.

This kit provides you with a base that has all of the correct battery and wiring for LED lights, and also all of the dreamlike things you could hope to decorate it with in order to build a fairy garden. This includes fairy statues that you can paint, fiber optic grass that twinkles in the dark, and even a little customizable unicorn to keep your fairies company.

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5. Vorey sponge painting kit

Vorey sponge painting kit

More than anything, have your kids always loved painting more than just about any other crafting technique, but now you’re hoping to introduce them to different kinds of and techniques in painting, even though they’re still rather young? Then we think you might get a real kick out of this sponge painting kit that Vorey has to offer!

While youdo also received a few kinds of brushes in this little painting kit, the emphasis mostly on different kinds and shapes of sponges and teaching your kids all the different visual effects and textures that they can create. You’ll also get sponge stamps, letters, wands, and rollers that your kids will have a total blast playing with.

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6. Darice Arty Facts deluxe art set

Darice arty facts deluxe art set

Did we actuallyreally catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of purchasing a sort of more generalized crafting supplies kit that will just help your kids get started in the creative world, but youdo already know that they definitely enjoy things like drawing, coloring, and painting more than they do cut and paste or constructing crafts? Then perhaps you’d have more success in buying something like this deluxe art set offered by Darice!

This set is the perfect introductory tool for all kinds of classic painting, drawing, and coloring based art techniques that kids often love but don’t always get the chance to practice after a certain age. It’ll help get them used to different drawing tools than they’ve probably tried before, like pastels, and also give them a neat, organized place to keep their supplies, so they don’t lose colors or break pencils, or leave their things scattered all over your house.

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7. Made by Me Ultimate Weaving Loom & Loops kit

Made by me ultimate weaving loom & loops kit

Perhaps you’ve actually been looking at crafting kits as a means of trying to teach your kids a new skill they’ve never really tried before but have always been interested in? Well, if they’re still quite small but seem keen about fiber arts like knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, or embroidery, then sometimes, like this simple loom kit from Made by Me, could be the perfect place to start!

Besides giving you an awesome array of colors in the kind of yarn that’s easiest to use, this kit also gives you a range of darning needles, loom hooks, and more than one based with prongs for building your woven pieces on. Perhaps the most useful part (besides those bases, which you can continue to use even after you’ve used all the other kit supplies up) is the instructional book that outlines the basics of loom weaving and provides patterns for all different kid-friendly designs.

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8. Roywel Fairy Nightlight lantern crafting kit

Roywel fairy nightlight lantern crafting kit

Did we really catch your attention before when we were talking about fairies and light up projects, and now you can’t help thinking that perhaps more than one kit of that kind would be a good investment because you just know your kids are going to want to create even more things along that vein once you’ve started? Then we think you simplymust take a look at this adorable fairy lantern kit offered byRoywel!

Besides providing you with the mason jars that you’ll actually build your lanterns in, they also give you a whole series of adorable, magical-looking embellishments to dress the jars up with. You’ll even find full instructions for some of the more hands-on techniques, like the decals that transfer to the sides of the jars using sponges.

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9. Li’l-Gen Rockify rock painting and magnetic tile art kit

Li'l gen rockify rock painting and magnetic tile art kit

Do we still have your attention mostly regarding awesome paint-based crafting kit ideas, but you know that your kids concentrate the best and get the most excited when there some kind of unconventionality to what they’re making? Then perhaps they’d rather take a break from painting on paper and try painting rocks and tiles instead! That’s precisely what this kit from Li’l-Gen is here to help you learn how to do.

This kit is actually so thorough that it even gives you the rocks to paint on! You’ll get ten rocks and ten tiles that the company thought were the perfect painting shape, as well as everything you need to add color and even some helpful things that will let you add designs. Of course, once you’ve painted everything that’s included in the kit, you can always try painting rocks you found in your backyard with the skills your kids learned too!

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Do you know another crafty parent who has been thinking about investing money in some new kid-friendly crafting kits so their little ones can try some new things but who still feels like they could use some more suggestions, just to make sure they really pick the best ones? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of awesome kits to consider!