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15 Backyard Waterfalls To Try To DIY

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to start whipping your yards back into shape. From the grass to the bushes to newly-planted flowers, sprucing up for the warmer months of the year is a necessity. But is there anything else you’d like to add to your home’s landscape? For those with larger areas to work with, why not create a relaxing area to enjoy? Here are 15 backyard waterfalls to try to DIY and bring a bout of rest and tranquility to the patio.

1. With Stream

Build a backyard waterfall and stream diy

Family Handyman will walk you through how to create a waterfall and a stream in your very own backyard. You’ll be using gravel and stone filters to create the foundation. And you’ll need a heavy-duty water pump to reduce future maintenance.

2. Inexpensive Solutions

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The Spruce will teach us how to create an outdoor waterfall and build them in a more inexpensive manner – SCORE! They break it down to make sure when it comes to the waterfall’s build that you’re focusing on the pool the water is falling into and the structure surrounding it.

3. Stone Art

Diy backyard waterfall

And visiting this YouTube video you’ll learn how to create one of these beauties in your backyard. This is a gorgeous design for those that have a bit more space to work with. It would even be wonderful inspiration for those that want something similar going into their swimming pool.

4. Natural & Novice-Friendly

Beautiful landscape design

Pioneer Landscape Centers gives us another great tutorial to follow and learn from. And they make sure that us DIYers do our research and plan accordingly as well. The steps are also outlined in a novice-friendly way so you don’t miss a beat.

5. Kit Included

Diy backyard waterfall kit

Over at Niemeyer’s Landscape Supply has exactly what you need to get started on your own waterfall project. This kit includes what you need to create a pondless waterfall in the comfort of your own yard. And don’t panic, there’s a video you can watch to walk you through the process.

6. Organic Inspired

Simple backyard waterfall

YouTube gives you think design as an option as well. And you just have to follow the tutorial to get started on your own. Again, you’ll need a larger backyard to play, but it’ll be so worth the time that it takes to whip this beauty into shape.

7. Pond Accompaniment

Pond and waterfall diy

Instructables gives us a DIY to follow for those that are complete novices in the do-it-yourself department. There are only none steps you need to follow to complete this. Just don’t forget your coy fish!

8. Waterfall Wall

Diy water wonderland

Run on over to DIY Network for all the know-how behind this gorgeous waterfall wall. There’s something really special about this design and how versatile its style is. It fits in well with those that like a more modern feel and those that directs themselves to a more rustic charm.

9. Vanishing Style

Diy waterfall kit

Here’s another waterfall kit that you can purchase and begin your journey to a brand new and more tranquil outdoor space. At Thepondhub.com, you can snag this set and create a vanishing waterfall with pump included! Personalize with pops of colors, plants, and special rocks.

10. More Budget-Friendly

Diy pond waterfall

We have another budget-friendly tutorial for you to bookmark. This time you’ll need to visit Remodelaholic for all the details. There’s a material list, tools to grab, and step-by-step instructions outlined for you.

11. Smaller Designs

Diy small waterfall and pond

Oh My! Creative gives us some inspiration for a smaller waterfall landscape. What’s great about tutorials like these is that it takes out the middle man. Instead of thousands of dollars, you’ll be able to do it with your own two hands.

12. Glass Wall

Diy water wall feature

How gorgeous is this project from Ideas2Live4? A glass wall waterfall could really ignite the night outside not the patio, don’t you think? Add some twinkle lights and create the ambiance of fairy-tales.

13. Corner Coverage

Diy water feature ideas

What’s unique about this tutorial is the added stone veneer. Genstone‘s faux panels are easy to install and create a natural look that’s both luxurious and versatile. And we love how this particular designed in positioned at the back of the house.

14. A “Smart” Pond

Diy pond and waterfall in the backyard

Take a peek at smartpond for another step-by-step tutorial into creating your own backyard oasis. You’ll start by making ways for your manmade pond. And then you’ll end the experience by installing all of the rock.

15. Water Accents

Diy standing fountain

And finally, check out Sunset Magazine for a lot of inspiration in the waterfall world. You’ll see a lot of different designs to form your own vision around and they don’t all include layered rock. You’ll see more modern versions like this that you can shop around for or create for yourself.

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