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15 Awesome DIY Bachelorette Gift Ideas

In our group of friends, we’re the token crafty pals who will take any social occasion as an opportunity for a little bit of crafting, especially if it means that we get to share whatever we’ve made with our friends. That’ why, when our friend asked us to get involved with helping to organize her bachelorette party, we decided that making some DIY favours or little guest gifts was something we wanted to take on. We had a few ideas of our own, but we still wanted to see what other crafters have made for their bachelorette guests as DIY favours before as well. There’s never any harm in gathering more ideas, right?

Check out these 15 fantastic ides, designs, and tutorials that we came across in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. DIY cup, sunglass, and panty bachelorette party favours

Diy cup, sunglass, and panty bachelorette party favours

If you’re going to put in the time and effort that it takes to put little favours together for your guests, would you prefer to make something that they can use right away, on that very night? Well, what if we told you that you can put together a whole kit of things they might put to good use for the party? Check out how The Perennial Style stuffed a fun pink cup with heart shaped sunglasses, crazy straws, some candy, and a pair of fancy panties for each person, just for some sassy fun.

2. DIY bachelorette party survival kit

Diy bachelorette party survival kit

Have we really got your attention now with this whole idea of putting together some kind of party kit but, rather than making it from things that are just for fun, you’d rather give your guests necessities for the night? Well, that’s precisely what Bottle Your Brand did here, only they also took the next morning into consideration, which we thin is a really smart idea when we remember how we felt after the last bachelorette party we went to. They give you a whole list of awesomely useful ideas!

3. DIY bachelorette dress glasses

Diy bachelorette dress glasses

Has your favourite idea on our list so far actually been the one that involved giving your bachelorette party guests some kind of glass, but you didn’t care for the rest of what was in the kit? Then we have a strong feeling you’ll get along a little better with this tutorial from toDIYfor! They guide you step by step through the process of using paint, tool, and flat backed beads to turn champagne glasses into a white wedding gown and little pink bridesmaids dresses! They’re perfect for the night’s occasion.

4. DIY bachelorette party hangover kits

Diy bachelorette party hangover kits

Have we actually still got you thinking about the idea of making a bachelorette party survival kit but the part of the concept you find the most interesting is the part where you include things that will get you through the next morning. Lulubell Elaine gives you cute decor suggestions and a whole list of great things to put it in, including bandaids, granola bars, mints, hair ties, pain killers, water bottles, and gum!

5. DIY hair tie favours

Diy hair tie favours

Speaking of hair ties, did you know that those can make an awesome party favour gift all on their own if you’re in a pinch time-wise? Instead of just buying some, however, we’d suggest checking out how Something Turquoise used brightly coloured thick elastic to make hair ties of their own. They even show you how to make fun quote tags to make the gift presentation a little more fun.

6. Easy DIY wine cork keychains

Easy diy wine cork keychains

If you’re going to make your friends some kind of little trinkets to hand out to your bachelorette party guests, would you rather make it something that’s not only practical and useful but also that they can take home with them and actually remember the night by? Then maybe a themed keychain is something that will appeal to you! This tutorial from Bridesmaids Confession shows you how to make one out of wine corks.

7. Easy DIY vinyl decal party glasses

Easy diy vinyl decale party glasses

Are you still feeling very into the idea of making custom party glasses to give to everyone on the night of the bachelorette party, but you’re just not sure that the dress design we showed you earlier is quite the direction you want to go in? Well, if you have what it takes to create simple vinyl projects and you’ve always preferred simpler aesthetics, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give these decal name glasses featured in detail on The DIY Bride’s Boutique.

8. Mini succulent favours

Mini succulent favours

Perhaps your bachelorette party will be somewhat of a calmer affair than the kind that require a hangover kit for the next morning and you’d rather give your guests something cheerful and fresh? Then maybe the greenery of a small house plant would make a better favour for you! Happy Happy Nester shows you how they customized the pot that some miniature succulents came in to give them a personal touch.

9. Nail polish bachelorette party favour

Nail polish bachelorette party favour

Did you really like the simplicity and easy usefulness of the homemade hair tie favour we showed you but your friends are a little more beauty product enthusiastic than anything else? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a favour with a cute quote tag. Check out how That Corner of The World made little tulle packages with with red nail polish and paper tags.

10. DIY bachelorette party quote mugs

Diy bachelorette party quote mugs

Do you love the basic concept of making customized glasses for your bachelorette party but you and your friends aren’t actually going out for champagne and cocktails? Then maybe you’d prefer this idea from Buffalo Indie Weddings that’s a little more suited for a cozy night in with your friends (or at least for the morning after the party when everyone needs coffee)! Their tutorial shows you how to add handwritten quotes to plain porcelain mugs and even gives you some ideas of word play quotes that suit the occasion.

11. Tulle wrapped DIY bath bomb favours

Tulle wrapped diy bath bomb favours

Have we got you feeling rather enthusiast indeed about the idea of making very simple, little favours that you can wrap in tulle, but you’d prefer to actually hand make what’s inside rather than just winding the tulle around something you bought? Then why not make something that will help your guests relax when they get home from all the fun? Cutest Baby Shower Ideas is here to show you how to make adorable DIY bath bombs that you can wrap in tulle to look like little candies.

12. DIY zero waste bachelorette party survival kits

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Have we actually still got you thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a bachelorette party survival kit but your party is going to be a little different than the average blow out, because you’re staying away with your friends for a whole weekend? Well, particularly if you’re the kind of person who has been trying to reduce waste in your life as much as possible, then we just know you’re going to love this zero-waste bachelorette party survival outlined in detail on Trash Is For Tossers.

13. DIY beach bachelorette party kits

Diy beach bachelorette party kits

Did we really hit the nail on the head when we mentioned a weekend away for your bachelorette but you and your friends are going to the beach and you can’t help wondering whether there aren’t some specific kits you can make along a matching beach theme? Then we’re convinced you’ll be pumped to see this idea from Thrifter in Disguise! They show you how to build a miniature kit of convenient beach supplies inside waterproof smartphone sleeves, complete with more wordplay tags, just for fun.

14. DIY gemstone soap party favours

Diy gemstone soap party favours

Were we kind of all around the things you love most when we started talking about the DIY of giving away DIY bath bombs as party favours because you love making DIY bath products, but bath bombs have just never really been your thing? Then maybe you’d prefer these awesome customized soap favours instead! Something Turquoise shows you how to make soap gemstones using a silicone form; the shape will remind people of the ring on your finger, since that’s the whole reason everyone’s there!

15. Custom printed water bottle labels

Custom printed water bottle labels

Do your most creative skills actually lie in designing things on the computer because you’ve got an eye for colours, fonts, and layouts, but you have no clue how to put those skills to use for a party favour? Then we’re pretty sure Evermine is here to save your day! They walk you step by step through the process of designing, printing, and attaching customized bachelorette party water bottle labels.

Have you seen, given, or received other kinds of cute DIY bachelorette party gifts or favours before that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of your own gifts in the comments section!

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