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15 Awesome Star Wars Themed Crafts

Have you ever been in a group of friends or coworkers who have gotten into the debate about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better? Well, we’re actually huge fans of both and will happily watch either, but the last time we observed a conversation like this, almost everyone in the room was actually most excited about Star Wars thanks to the release of the newest movie in the franchise, even if they were actually big fans of both series. Being the crafty one in the group, we automatically started thinking of different ways that we could brighten up the days of the people in our lives by making different awesome Star Wars themed crafts for upcoming birthday and Christmas presents, or even just because we feel like it! That’s how we found ourselves searching the Internet far and wide for different tutorials that might give us a hand in our new themed crafting goals.

Just in case you’re as big a Star Wars fan as our friends are, if not more, or perhaps in case you know someone who is and you’d really like to craft for them too, here are 15 of the very best themed ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Star Wars inspired “sith happens” t-shirt

Star wars inspired sith happens t shirt

Do you have a vinyl laser cutter (for example, a Cricut or something similar) and a heat press that you know how to make custom t-shirts on? Perhaps you’re actually a whiz at silk screen t-shirt designs. Heck, you could even create this design just using regular iron-on letters from the nearest craft store! No matter what method you choose, we feel like you or your closest Star Wars enthusiast will get an absolute kick out of Domestic Bliss‘ “sith happens” t-shirt design.

2. R2-D2 glass jar luminaries

R2 d2 glass jar luminaries

Have your favourite DIY skills actually always revolved around your painting abilities? Perhaps you’re actually just a really big fan of crafts that will let you upcycle things you aren’t otherwise using. Either way, we have a feeling these hand painted R2-D2 inspired mason jar luminaries might be right up your alley! See how they’re made with specific shape instructions on DIY Candy, just in case you need a little bit of guidance.

3. Disco Death Star

Disco death star

Is the big Star Wars fan in your family actually also a quirky personality who completely adores sparkly things and stuff that shines? Then maybe they’d prefer a version of something fro their favourite movie that’s a little more kitschy and unique than you’ve seen elsewhere. We’d encourage you to check out how Our Nerd Home made this fantastic “disco Death Star” that’s sure to catch visitors’ attention.

4. Death Star globe bar

Death star globe bar

If you’re going to upcycle something that you already have in your house, would you rather transform it into something else that a loved one in your home, perhaps your favourite whiskey connoisseur, might actually use? Then we’d suggest grabbing that old globe that has been sitting in your garage and taking a closer look at how Homecrux turned theirs into a secret mini bar that’s shaped like the Death Star.