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Lovely Seashell Crafts for Summer

Just because the end of August is around the corner doesn’t mean you won’t still find us on the beach until the bitter end, when the temperature finally drops enough to make the cold and wind a little to much for us. Some of our very favourite summer beach days are actually the ones where we take our kids over later in the day, enjoying how warm the sun gets in the high afternoon, even if the morning and the nighttime is a little bit chillier than it has been in months. That means that, right up until they go back to school each year, our kids are coming home from the beach with pails of seashells that make fantastic decor and collectibles but also amazing crafting and DIY tools! That’s why we’ve found ourselves searching far and wide for inspiring seashell based crafts and tutorials lately.

Just in case you love the idea of crafting with seashells just as much as we did, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Pretty seashell wreaths

Pretty seashell wreaths

Have you ever seen DIY door wreaths for fall and winter made of fantastic silk leaves in lovely autumn colours or faux firs to mimic the snow laden trees outside, or maybe even the summer ones constructed from brightly coloured fabric or dried flowers, but wished you could find a design that would suit the aesthetic of your seaside cottage a little better? Then we think perhaps we’ve found the best option for you right out of the gate! Check out how Homedit made this lovely wreath from real seashells in all different shapes and sizes.

2. DIY seashell hair pins

Diy seashell hair pins

Do you actually love seashells and the beach so much that you wish you could incorporate it right into your personal style and wear it around, but you’d rather make your own accessories from the real thing rather than just buying the pooka shell necklaces you see sold in stores? Well, for the crafters who love a very quick but super useful and quite stylish project, here’s a great sea shell hair pin tutorial outlined step by step on Swell!

3. DIY seashell string lights

Diy seashell string lights

Have you actually been scrolling through our list looking for some kind of simple decor idea that you can put up quite easily, but that’s a little more creative than just scattering a few shells around your mantle for a stylishly care free beach inspired atmosphere? Well, if you like the idea of homemade lighting solutions, here’s a lovely fairy light idea that Lush Zone walks you through simply and easily. We love the way the lights shine through the shells and between where you put two together around each light!

4. DIY seashell votive candles

Diy seashell votive candles

Are you the kind of relaxation- and spa-loving DIY lover who adores making yourself little trinkets and recipes that will help you calm yourself after a busy day at work and get back into a more comfortable mindset before the whirlwind of daily life starts all over again tomorrow? In that case, we have a feeling you might be the perfect person to try your hand at making these lovely little votive candles that are made right inside wide seashells! Get the full instructions on Yes Missy.

5. Painted shell trinket dishes

Painted shell trinket dishes

Are your favourite DIY pieces always ones that are made to look a little bit kitschy or interesting by adding bright colours or metallic paint to more natural (or at least naturally shaped) things? Well, if you’re a big fan of shiny metallic finishes like we are and your kids happen to have dragged in some very large shells indeed in their last beach trip, then we’ve definitely found the perfect tutorial for you! Twinspiration shows you how to paint your shells and set them on their backs to make a set of shockingly easy but totally useful trinket dishes that are great for keeping spare change or jewelry in.

6. Seashell bottle toppers and glass bottle decor

Seashell bottle toppers and glass bottle decor

If you’re going to craft yourself something awesome and seaside inspired from scratch, would you prefer to take any chance you’ve got to make it into an upcycling project? In that case, we have a feeling you might find yourself just as enamoured with this fantastically seashell topped “washed up” bottles as we did! Wedding Chicks shows you how to make seashell bottle toppers using rustic looking hemp string.

7. Silver leaf seashell necklace

Silver leaf seashell necklace

Were you quite intrigued indeed with the idea of painting your seashells in all kinds of different stunning metallic finishes but you’re just not sure that you’ll use a trinket dish like the ones we showed you earlier? Perhaps you actually just love the effect so much that you wish you could wear it around with you all day. Well, thanks to this wonderfully simple DIY jewelry tutorial featured on Lovely Etc, you can! They show you how to transform a real seashell into a pretty silver leaf pendant.

8. Gold metallic painted seashell spice dishes

Gold metallic painted seashell spice dishes

Are you rather intrigued by the idea of using gilded seashells as small dishes but you don’t tend to collect spare change or keep your jewelry laid our on hand? Then perhaps you’d rather take a look at the way Paper and Lace used their shells, which are slightly smaller than the ones you saw before, as stylish little spice dishes while they’re hosting parties! The technique is much the same as you saw before, but we quite like the way they painted only the inside and left the outside natural looking.

9. Nautical seashell garland

Nautical seashell garden

If you ask us, garlands and buntings are fantastic decor pieces for any day, rather than just when there’s a special occasion or themed party happening, even though they’re a great idea for those as well. That’s why we made ourselves this wonderful seashell garland featured on Can Can Dancer and hung it up in our bathroom to give things a beach-y feel no matter the time of year! We love that it’s actually made from real sea shells that have simply been wrapped in weathered hemp string.

10. Tiny dangling seashell earrings

Tiny dangling seashell earrings

Are the shells your kids brought home actually very small indeed and you’ve been scrolling through our list wondering what you should make because you’re just not sure any of the ones you have are actually big enough to make these projects? Then here’s a pretty alternative idea that will work a little better with your tiny shells and help you make a lovely accessory! Check out how Katrin Shine made these lovely little dangly earrings from the smallest seashells in their buckets.

11. Decorative gilded seashells

Decorative gilded seashells

Have you actually felt quite enamoured with the lovely gilded seashell ideas we’ve been showing you so far, but you’re a lot more in love with the aesthetic of them than the function the pieces we’ve shown you so far have served? Well, we can’t say we blame you for that! That’s why we were such big fans of this fantastic decorative worn gilding seashell idea featured step by step on Atta Girl Says.

12. Layered seashell planters

Layered seashell planters

Are you settled on the concept of making yourself a seashell themed decor piece unequivocally but it’s actually the outside of your home or garden that you’d prefer to decorate? Well, if you’re a gardener of any kind, we think perhaps you’ll get a kick out of the way Billabong outlined this layered seashell planter that will look fantastic on your balcony near the beach sands just past your property.

13. Big seashell night light

Big seashell night light

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of combining your seashells with lighting sources for whimsical looks but you have very young children and you’re not a big fan of the idea of stringing fairy lights all around because you try to keep cords and strings to a minimum in your home? Then we have a feeling you might prefer the way Martha Stewart created a lovely nightlight shaded by a sand dollar style shell collected from the beach.

14. Seashell and seaside charm jewelry

Seashell and seaside charm jewelry

Were you a huge fan of the idea of transforming your seashells into necklace pendants but you’re not sure you want to paint them because you love their natural finish… even though you’d still like it to have some kind of metallic shine or sparkle? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Creative Savings made a lovely natural shell necklace but added a small metal charm for a little extra style.

15. Seashell candle holder

Seashell candle holder

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about seashell related candle ideas but you actually enjoy burning candles so much that you think you’d rather have a bigger design, since you’d probably burn through the shell tea light we showed you earlier in one singular bath on a good spa night? Then we’d suggest taking a look at how Dusks and Rubies made this lovely shell, sand, and jute string wrapping idea instead!

Have you made other awesome crafts and projects made from seashells that you were very happy with but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to photos of your finished product in the comments section!

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