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15 Awesome DIY Life Hacks

Every once in a while, when we’re doing something totally normal and uninteresting at home, a stroke of inspiration hits us and we realized there’s a crafty, interesting way to do that same thing using our DIY skills to make life a little quicker or easier! It’s a great feeling and always makes us wonder whether or not there are similar crafty ways to do other things around the house too. That’s how we found ourselves looking up all kinds of DIY life hacks in the last month! We were pleasantly surprised to find out just how many awesome, crafting skills based life hacks there really are out there.

1. Terra cotta pots to protecting outdoor dishes

Terra cotta pots to protect outdoor dishes

Now that summer’s here, are you finding yourself wanting to eat outside just about every meal you can because you and your family are so glad to be able to get fresh air more often now? We love a good patio meal too but there are lots of bugs where we live in the spring, so we’re always worried about flies and things landing on the food. That’s why we loved this concept from Martha Stewart that suggests making outdoor dish covers from painted terra cotta pots with handles made from loops of rope put through the bottom holes.

2. Recycled storage box to store soup cans

Recycled storage box to store soup cans

Have you ever looked at the cardboard in your recycling bin and wondered whether or not you might be able to make something practical or useful out of it, rather than just putting it at the end of your driveway to be picked up on garbage day? Then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way Then She Made created some simple soup can storage from a 24 pack box of pop cans!

3. Use BBQ tongs to squeeze lemons

Use bbq tongs to squeeze lemons

Now that summer is fast on its way, are you already finding yourself looking forward to all the refreshingly cold lemonade you’re going to make for your friends and family, just like you do every year? We love fresh homemade lemonade more than just about anything as well, but we like to squeeze the lemons ourselves, so we were very pleased indeed to discover the way Martha Stewart made the process a little bit easier by clamping their halved lemons into a pair of tongs!

4. Hat cleaning stand from a salad spinner

Hat cleaner from a salad spinner

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who is always looking for more ways to improve the process of cleaning just about anything in your house? In that case, we really think you’ll appreciate the way Petit Elefant made a simple hat stand for cleaning (or perhaps even decorating and embellishing) a ball cap by turning the inner basket of a salad spinner upside down and popping the hat right on top.

5. DIY pressing toothpaste dispenser

Diy pressing toothpaste dispenser