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Awesome DIY Christmas Cards

By this point in the holiday season, most people have probably already sent out their Christmas cards. We’ve already made sure that the ones we had to forward long distance are well on their way, but we still have a few last minute cards that we plan to give to friends and family we’ll actually see on the holidays. Those are the ones we like to make by hand rather than just buying a greeting card at the store! It might seem last minute, but it’s part of our holiday tradition to save our favourite people and our DIY skills to last when it comes to cards.

Just in case you still have a few cards left to give too and they’re for people that you’d also rather craft for, here are 15 of the cutest DIY designs we’ve come across and considered making for our own loved ones so far!

1. Leveled accordion tree card

Accordion tree card

Have you always loved crafts made with folded paper so they have some structure? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to adore making this layered Christmas tree card from Martha Stewart! It might not be quite as advanced as origami, but making the accordion shape still gets you folding and making shapes.

2. 3D folded triangle trees

3d folded triangle trees

Were you intrigued by the idea of folding paper to make a Christmas tree card but it’s actually the front of the card you’d rather decorate than just the inside? Well, no one said you couldn’t show off your folding skills on the front too! We love the way HGTV used differently patterned sections of decorative paper to create little Christmas trees that stand out from their backing.

3. Embroidered tree card

Embroidered tree card

Were we right when we guessed that you love paper based crafting but what you actually love more than folding and shaping paper is embroidering it? That might not sound very typical but, believe it or not, sewn paper makes for beautiful handmade things! That’s why we adored this sewn Christmas tree idea from Studio Calico. Even if you don’t make it with recycled paper like this one here, the finished product will be stunning.

4. Pop up tissue paper tree

Pop up tissue paper tree

Were you ever given those Christmas cards as a kid that were packed with layers of tissue paper cut into a particular holiday shape and the layers blossomed into a snowman or other character when you opened the card? Well, now that you’re an avid crafter, why not learn how to make those yourself? Five Five Fabulous guides you step by step through the process of making your own pop-up tissue paper tree card, just like the one’s we’ve been talking about.

5. Pop up reindeer card

Pop up reindeer card

Are you totally into all the pop-up ideas we’ve shown you throughout this list but you’re still kind of wavering on which one to do? Then here’s another option for you, just to make sure you have lots of creative designs to choose from! We actually made this funny little pop-up reindeer card by Martha Stewart last year and the person we sent it to absolutely loved opening it!

6. Fabric and button Christmas trees

Fabric and button christmas trees

As opposed to working with paper, have you actually always preferred crafting with fabrics and materials the most? Well, if you’ve never tried mixing your love for fabrics with crafting with other mediums, like card stock, then you’ve been missing out! Love and Lollipops shows you just how awesome making holiday cards from old scraps of fabric can be, especially if you reach into your stash of buttons and holiday sequins too.

7. Ribbon Christmas trees

Ribbon christmas trees

Have you really liked the idea of making holiday cards that feature cheerful little Christmas trees of all kinds across the front but you still think there might be other tools you can use to make them? Well, you’re actually right! As an alternative to fabric and paper, check out how Mum in The Madhouse made these fun striped or zigzagging trees from holiday coloured ribbon.

8. Potato Stamped penguin card

Stamped penguin card

Perhaps you’d rather steer away from the Christmas tree card idea for your holiday cards this year because you find the idea overdone and you’d rather send a card that’s a little funnier? Then head over to your kitchen and grab the nearest potato. Yes, you read that properly; these funny little penguins with googly eyes are stamped onto the front of these holiday cards using a cut in half potato! Find out how it’s done on Molly Moo Crafts.

9. Washi tape Christmas trees

Washi tape christmas trees

Did you really liked the striped ribbon Christmas card that you saw above but you’re actually very pressed for time and you don’t have any ribbon left in your crafting cupboard? In that case, we’d suggest reaching for the washi tape instead! Make stripes in holiday colours that layer on top of each other until you’ve made the shape of a tree, just like Mum in The Madhouse did here. Bonus points if the tape is patterned too!

10. Finger print Christmas cards

Finger print christmas cards

Have you actually been hoping to find a last moment Christmas card design that your kids can help you make, or even make by themselves as well? Then here’s a design you’re both going to love. Besides resulting in cute cards, this tutorial from Hands On As We Grow for making Christmas trees and wreaths on the front of a card lets you make a fun mess together …without making too much of a mess.

11. Scrapbooking paper 3D ornaments

Scrapbooking paper 3d ornaments

Are you still thinking about the folded 3D paper card we showed you that featured scrapbooking card Christmas trees on the front, but you’re still looking for designs because you made tree cards for your loved ones last year? Then we definitely think you should take a look at this Christmas bobble alternative design from HGTV! They show you how to use the same technique to make a different shape that’s just as cute when you’re finished.

12. Embroidered felt Christmas trees

Embroidered felt christmas trees

Perhaps it was the fabric and embroidery ideas that caught your eye the most but you’d rather use those techniques together rather than sewing paper or gluing material from your scraps pile? Then we’re pretty sure Petit Elefant has just the kind of DIY Christmas card you’re looking for. They show you how to sew a felt Christmas tree to the front of your card in just a few simple, even strokes of a sewing machine (or your own hand stitching, depending on your skills).

13. Tree branches with button ornaments

Tree branches with button ornaments

Do you have a real fir tree as your Christmas tree this year and, even though it’s lost a couple branches, you’re happy to have it? Well, believe it or not, even those fallen branches can make something pretty, just like the rest of the tree. Check out this lovely holiday card from Becoming Alice that uses an actual branch and buttons made to look like ornaments hanging down from it.

14. Glitter Christmas lights

Glitter christmas lights

Perhaps you only have a few moments to make your card but you’d still really like to make sure it’s flashy and cheerful so it brightens your loved ones’ day? Then take that metaphor literally and give them a card that features lights! Sure, they won’t actually light up or anything, but Today shows you how to use glitter to at least give them some sparkle.

15. Rolled wrapping paper Christmas tree

Rolled wrapping paper christmas tree

Are you still quite enamoured with the idea of making layered Christmas trees on the front of your holiday cards and you like the decreasing style, but you’d still like the design to have some texture, even if it’s not actually a pop-up? In that case, we have a feeling this rolled paper design from DIY Craft Project might be a little more up your alley! We like the idea of using Christmas-y wrapping paper in different patterns and colours on each layer of the tree.

Do you know a fellow crafter and DIY enthusiast who loves making their own Christmas cards for family and friends each year but could use some inspiration for this holiday season? Share this post with them to help them discover lots of fun new ideas!

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