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Awesome DIY Chevron Projects

When it comes to making DIY projects, there are plenty of ways that we decide on which things we’d like to make. Sometimes we’re feeling very into a certain colour, sometimes it’s the actual piece that we need or want, and other times we’ve fallen in love with a pattern and we want to add more of it into our décor scheme. When we choose a pattern that we love that’s a particularly fun time because we immediately look up as many different projects and tutorials as we can find in that pattern and we make as many of them as we can! So, what’s our latest DIY and crafting obsession pattern, you ask? Well, our house is currently entirely covered in chevron!

In case you’re just as obsessed with chevron as we are, check out these 15 awesome DIY chevron projects! We’ve most of these already and had an absolute blast each time.

1. DIY chevron coat rack

Diy chevron coat rack

Are you so in love with chevron that you want people to be able to see it the moment they walk into your home? We think that’s a great idea, which is why we actually already made ourselves one of these awesome painted wood coat racks. We love the way a brightly coloured chevron pattern really jumps out from the wall thanks to the angles and the contrast of whichever alternating colours you choose.

2. Chevron painted wall

How to paint chevrons on the wall

Perhaps you appreciate chevron to the point that you’d rather make it a permanent part of your actual décor scheme? Well, you’ll certainly want to think carefully about which colours you choose because painting your walls is a lot of effort, but we’re huge fans of this entirely chevron wall from Ourrhodestohappiness! The idea of alternating white chevron stripes with brighter ones creates an awesome effect that really makes things stand out.

3. DIY woven chevron cards

Diy woven chevron cards

Do you love chevron so much that you’d love to spread that appreciation to as many people as possible? Then making greeting or celebration cards for special occasions with your family and friends is a great opportunity to get creative with your favourite pattern and share it with the ones you love! Find out how these lovely cards were woven into a chevron shape on Fiskars!

4. DIY painted chevron lamp shade

Diy painted chevron lamp shade

The best thing about making chevron shapes is that they’re easy to create very neatly because you can make them simply by using tape as a guideline. That’s how this fantastic chevron patterned lampshade was made! By sticking down the tape pattern you can create yourself a guide to follow with the paint. Peel it off when it’s dry, just like Pomp and Circumstance did here, and voila!

5. DIY chevron wall art

Diy chevron wall art

Perhaps you really love the idea of making a guide for a chevron pattern with tape but you’re not sure a lampshade is quite the project you’re looking for? In that case, try the same technique but on a wall canvas so you can take it down or hang it up as you please! We love the way Destrie Allen got abstract with their colours in the bright chevrons and left the parts where the tape peeled off white to really let that contrast stand out.

6. Painted chevron floor mat

Painted chevron floor mat

If you ask us, one of the most underrated ways to decorate your home is with floor mats. They’re a simple addition to your décor scheme, but we like that they cover cold surfaces and we’ll take any chance to add a little bit more colour to the room! A plain floor mat is basically an empty canvas if you think about it creatively, so you can paint essentially any design you want so of course we immediately looked for chevron patterns! Find out how this pretty pastel blue pattern was made on Beach House in The City.

7. Pretty chevron vases

Pretty chevron vases

Perhaps you’ve already got some simple chevron patterns in your home already but they’re all on small pieces, so you’re looking for a few complementary things that you can make to draw the pattern out like an accent within your overall décor scheme? There are plenty of projects out there that will help you with that but these lovely standing vases are one of our favourites! If you follow the tutorial on Katie n’ Rush carefully, yours will also be so neat they’ll look store bought, just like these pretty blue ones!

8. Metallic gold chevron tape painting

Metallic gold chevron tape painting

We’ve already shown you one lovely chevron canvas idea and the technique for this one is largely the same, but what if the aesthetic or style of the previous design isn’t quite “you” and you’re in need of some inspiration? Well, here’s a lovely alternative for your consideration! Penny Hearts Charlie chose a metallic gold paint with a bit of stylish shine to it and made the golden chevrons thicker than the contrasting white ones so they really make a statement.

9. DIY chevron planter

Diy chevron planter

If you truly love chevron that much, why keep the pattern limited to just being inside your home? When we get crazy about a pattern or décor technique, sometimes we like to start incorporating into our home right from the get-go; we’ve even been known to decorate our front porch! In our current chevron phase, this large painted planter from Erin Spain is the perfect way to get your patterned aesthetic going before your guests have even stepped through the doors.

10. Chevron topped bar stool

Chevron topped bar stool

Are you still looking for small pieces that you can use as accents, but you’re finding that your kitchen is lacking just a little bit? There are certainly tutorials out there for things like chevron tea towels and utensil holders, but we had something a little more permanent in mind. That’s why we were so happy when we came across this painted stool top idea from Land of Nams! They show you how to create a darted half chevron shape, but you could easily use the same techniques to create smaller V’s so you can fit more across the top of the stool.

11. Paint and glitter chevron canvas

Paint and glitter chevron canvas

Have you been reading this post and thinking about how, while you think the chevron canvases we’ve shown you so far are nice, you’d rather make something in many different colours at once and perhaps with a little bit of extra sparkle? In that case, we have a feeling you’d have more fun making something like this glitter chevron canvas from Musely! We actually made this one in real life and we chose colours that were incorporated elsewhere throughout the room so that the piece ties things together well. Then we got out the glitter and had a blast making a flashy, eye catching stripe!

12. DIY chevron baby shirt stripes

Diy chevron shirt stripes

If you’ve got a little bit of sewing practice and an adorable baby whose onesies you’ve just been itching to customize, then we think we’ve found the project for you! Finley and Oliver guides you step by step through the process of attaching simply cute felt appliques to the material in an easy way and, naturally, we gravitated towards the chevron option in this instance as well. We just couldn’t resist!

13. Pieces of chevron painting

Pieces of chevron painting

The best part about painting canvases is that you’re in control, so you can get as creative as you please even if you’re sticking with a particular theme or trying to build a specific pattern. Just because you’re intent on creating the peaks and valleys of a chevron piece doesn’t mean you can’t get a little bit abstract with it and add some extra visual interest. We love the way Make, Bake, and Love included some vertical lines of negative space down the centre of each chevron.

14. DIY repurposed chevron dresser

Diy repurposed chevron dressert

Are you still very into the idea of painted chevrons but your personal style and décor aesthetic is just a little bit more rustic and vintage looking than most of the projects we’ve shown you so far? In that case, perhaps an upcycling project might be more your style! We can’t get over the refurbished beauty of this purposely weathered painted dresser from AyOh Kayla! and we love that, as long as you’ve got bigger tape, the technique for angling and painting the neat, precise chevrons is the same as the simple one you’ve already learned from the canvases and vases, even though this project is more of an undertaking due to size.

15. DIY gold chevron side table tray

Diy gold chevron side table tray

Have you already made yourself the metallic gold painted canvas we showed you earlier in our post and you were so happy with it that now you’re on the hunt for other gold metallic and chevron projects that might match it or complement in well in the same room? Well, we’re pretty big fans of this adorably decorative golden chevron side tray from Natalie Merrillyn. Whether you leave it as it is and let its décor elements speak for itself or keep your jewelry on it on the dressing table, the shine of the stripes will add a bit of personality to wherever you place it.

Do you know a fellow DIY and crafting enthusiast who loves chevron just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them for a little bit of creative inspiration!

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