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DIY Yarn Storage Ideas

If you’re an avid knitter, a crochet enthusiast, or even just a general craft lover who values how useful and versatile yarn can be, then you already know how crazy things can get in the craft room if you don’t keep the yarn organized, contained, and well stored. Because things can become so easily tangled or roll away, however, sometimes the best ways to keep your yarn organized require you to get a little bit creative. Lucky for us DIY lovers, however, getting creative isn’t usually an issue!

Just in case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, here’s a list of 15 totally awesome ways to store your yarn that are actually effective and, in some cases, even cool enough looking to double as free décor.

1. Diamond shelves

Diamond shelves

Do you like the idea of having your yarn raised off the ground and mounted on the wall, out of the way so it won’t cause clutter on the floor? You can try piling it all on regular straight-across shelves, but the way it stacks, especially if your skeins are all different shapes and sizes, makes them an “avalanche” risk. Instead, try inserting wooden boards in an X shape between the shelves so that the yarn has a space that’s a little more structured to be stacks into. Repeat Crafter Me shows you how it’s done.

2. Peg board yarn wall

Peg board yarn wall

Perhaps you have the wall space for some nice elevated storage but you can’t decide the best way to actually affix your yarn to the wall? Well, in case you’re not handy with things like building shelves, check out these awesomely space efficient peg board idea from Knits for Life! As your yarn collection grows and changes, you’ll simply need to adapt the number and layout of the hooks that insert into the holes into the pegboard. This tutorial shows you how to build that wall itself.

3. Vintage gumball machine stash

Vintage gumball machine stash

When you think “creative storage” does your mind go somewhere really novelty and creative? Then take that idea and roll with it… all the way to the antique store! We can’t get over how stunning this adorable gumball machine idea from One Late Night is. Simply open the top the way you normally would to fill it with gumballs, but pop in your well-wound balls of yarn instead!

4. Wine cabinet yarn cubbies

Wine cabinet yarn cubbies

Are you looking for an idea that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t have to be expensive? Then a simple pre-fabricated wine shelf that you build at home is certainly a low maintenance idea for getting your skeins and balls sorted. Each cubby of the shelf, where you’d normally place a wine bottle, can hold a ball or two whether you organize them by weight, material, or colour! Take a look at Pretty Prudent for more details.