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Aloha Tote Bag Carryall

In an effort to be more green, I thought it was time to create a tote bag to take with me to the grocery store.  Every time I’m at the store I feel a little guilty about all of the plastic bags I acquire.  Now, I always try to reuse these plastic bags but most of the time they collect in my closet and eventually end up getting tossed.  I figured if I’m going to start bringing my own grocery bag to the store it may as well be cute.  So, I decided to create an aloha tote bag with a cute pom-pom pineapple on it!

Aloha tote bag carryall

Since I’m obsessed with pom-poms I thought it would be fun to incorporate one into my tote bag. I also have a slight obsession with pineapples, so including this fruit on my tote bag made total sense.  To add a little more pizzazz to my bag, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some text.  I  used iron on vinyl to get a really cool foiled look.  With a cute aloha tote bag available it’ll be impossible for me to forget it when I head out to the grocery store!

How to make an aloha tote bag carryall

Aloha tote bag carryall materials


  • Pom Pom Maker
  • Yellow Yarn
  • Rose Gold Iron-on Vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Tote Bag
  • Green Felt
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Here’s How to Make Your Own Aloha Tote Bag

Making A Pom-Pom Pineapple

Step 1: Open one arm of your pom-pom maker. Wrap a piece of yarn along the curve starting on the left side, working your way towards the right side.

Aloha tote bag carryall start with you pompom maker

Aloha tote bag carryall creating a pompom

Step 2: When you get to the right, fold the arm back in place. Open the other arm of your pom-pom maker. Run your working yarn over to the other arm. Wrap yarn around the arm moving to the right. When you get to the right, close the arm and snip your yarn.

Aloha tote bag carryall pompom maker

Step 3: Cut down the center line of your pom-pom maker. Repeat this step on the other side.

Aloha tote bag carryall your pompom maker diy

Step 4: Cut a piece of yarn and run it under the center of your pom maker. Tie a knot, making sure to pull your yarn tight.

Aloha tote bag carryall cut yarn and run

Step 5: Open one arm, then the other and pull the two sides of the pom maker apart.  Trim your pom-pom into an oval shape to get the look of a pineapple.

Aloha tote bag carryall readu pompom

How to make a pompom

Step 6: Cut a piece of green felt that’s 1.75 inches wide and 4 inches long. Cut notches in the felt, stopping when you get close to the bottom. Continue this until you have added cuts to your entire strip of felt.

Aloha tote bag carryall green felt

Step 7:  Add hot glue to the bottom of your piece of felt and begin rolling it.

Aloha tote bag carryall hot glue to the bottom

Step 8: Add a big drop of glue to the top of your pineapple.  Then, add glue around the bottom of the leaves and glue it to the base of the pineapple.

Aloha tote bag carryall pineapple

Step 9:  Add glue behind the pineapple pom-pom and glue it to your tote.  Add a little bit of glue to the leaves and glue them to the tote.

Aloha tote bag carryall add the glue behind the pineapple

Adding Letters to Your Tote:

Step 10:  Cut out your letters.

Aloha tote bag carryall cut the letters

Step 11: Trace your letters onto your vinyl.  You’ll want to make sure they are arranged so when the letters are cut out the metallic finish is on the correct side.

Aloha tote bag carryall trace your letters

Step 12: Cut out your letters.

Aloha tote bag carryall cut your own letters

Step 13: Arrange your letters on your tote and follow the heat instructions on the packaging to iron them on.  Once your letters have cooled, remove the liner on top.

Aloha tote bag carryall arrange letters

Aloha tote bag carryall project

How cute is the tote? It has so many trends like pineapples, pom-poms, and foil!  I love this tote bag and hope you will as well.  So, the next time you need a tote for the gym, when heading to the pool, or the grocery store, grab this adorable aloha tote bag!

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