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Pretty DIY Skirts for Summer

The moment the summer sun comes out and the temperature rises just enough, we’re the kind of summertime worshippers who ditch long pants for the foreseeable future and live the next three months of our lives in skirts and shorts exclusively. There’s just something so freeing about finally being able to show our legs and enjoy a fresh breeze on our skin after so many months of chilly winter weather! We certainly own some store bought summer clothing that we enjoy digging out each year but, as usual, making our own warm weather garments is always out preference, especially when it comes to skirts! There are just so many awesome designs and fabrics you can use to make yourself interesting summer skirt styles, even if you’re only just learning how to sew. The more skirts you make yourself or your friends and family, the more skills you’ll learn and the more options you’ll have for each of those warm, breezy summer days.

Check out these fantastic DIY summer skirt ideas that will keep you cool and stylish all summer long and, for the most part, are a lot easier to make than you think!

1. Murphy’s layered skirt

Murphy's layered skirt

No matter how old we get, we will always be in love with layered ruffle skirts. We wore them when we were little and now we dressed our kids in them, but we still love making them for ourselves too. Besides being a completely adorable look, they’re also a great way to play with colours and patterns and to break into your scrap fabric stash to use up pieces that you love the look of but that are too small to be used for other projects. Find out how this adorable skirt was made on Ruffles & Stuff.

2. Favourite Frills skirt

Favourite frills skirt

Maybe you have a few formal events or special occasions planned this summer that you’re hoping to create your very own outfit for? That’s always an exciting feeling! When we make ourselves summer outfits for events that we know we want to look a little more dressy during, we often lean towards ruffles and waving trims because we like how they move in a summer breeze. Clearly you’ll need a ruffle that’s a little bit different in nature than the ones we showed you above, so take a look at this DIY skirt design from Your Style Rocks! We love the look of a vertical ruffle rather than a horizontal one, and using a lighter fabric just adds to the appeal.

3. DIY pinwheel skirt

Diy pinwheel skirt

If you’ve never worn or made a pinwheel skirt before, you are in for a treat! The way the fabric down the front puckers and layers is not only fun to create and also fun to look at, but it’s enjoyable to wear because it moves so prettily as you move around and go about your day. Elle Apparel shows you a style that’s trimmed in a lovely, delicate white and hangs in a way that’s nearly old fashioned but in a modern enough style to look vintage chic.

4. Lace for Days skirt

Lace skirt

Perhaps you really like the layered look of the first skirt we showed you but you’d rather something a little more feminine and classic than bright colours and patterns gathered in huge ruffles because you have some fancy places to be this summer? In that case, try layering delicate tiers of cream or white lace instead! We adore the way this lace skirt, which is constructed to be quite fitted rather than big and poofy, flatters the physique and creates a lot of visual texture. See the whole idea in more detail on Leanne Barlow.