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DIY Abstract Brushstroke Tray

This is that one instance where you look at something good and even though you don’t have a plan for it,  but your gut feeling says that it will turn out fantastic. I had purchased this round IKEA tray a few months ago, I had thought of using it as a frame for a mirror but I didn’t have a spectacular idea in mind. Being exposed to abstract art so very often, this idea struck me what if I painted the inner surface as if it were a canvas to be hung on wall but only this time it will serve drinks to a dehydrated bunch in this hot sweltering summer. From there on, I picked up this idea and strategically choose a mix of bright colors to create my own abstract brushstroke tray.Diy abstract brushstroke tray 1It turned out so well that I want to paint some more, in fact I couldn’t keep it with myself any longer and offered a snippet of it as an iPhone wallpaper at my blog for free. I would say let the inner artist in you shine with this project. A great fun idea to add into your summer bucket listDiy abstract brushstroke tray materials


  • Acrylic paints
  • IKEA Tray or any round tray
  • Foam brush/ painters brush
  • Paint brush ( for splattering )
  • Masking tape

Diy abstract brushstroke tray steps cl1Diy abstract brushstroke tray steps cl2


Before you begin to paint, I would suggest you try the pattern on a piece of paper just to be sure of the colors and brushstrokes and keep that in front of your for guidance. You will need to tape the inner section of the tray as we want the abstract art neatly done on the surface as if it were a wallpaper.I choose pale pink as my base coat over which I would work on with different colors. Once you have your base painted we will move ahead with lilac on one side and teal on the other opposite. Make sure to leave some time in between the layers of paint to avoid the colors blending with each other.The trick here is to pair a prime color with a pastel one, like if you see blue with light teal. Continue to apply layers of paint like so. In order to make the art look complete and whole, you need to make sure that each corner has a lot of variation and colors. Do note that I preferred to use foam brush to create the brushstrokes as I wanted the surface as smooth as possible you can however go old school and use painters brush for the same.You can leave your tray at this step but I choose to splatter some white paint with a wide bristle brush for that paint drip effect. That is all to this fun project to be tried this summer to turn your tray from blah to a statement piece, a conversation starter. What better way to flaunt your creativity!Diy abstract brushstroke tray 2Diy abstract brushstroke tray 4Let us know in the comment section below of what you think about this abstract brushstroke paint. Would you try this fun project with your kids on a day off? We would love to hear from you!

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