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15 Ways to Repurpose Old Garden Tools

Do you have an old shed sitting in your back yard that’s chalk full of old gardening tools? Are you looking for a way to clear them out of that space so you can make better use of it? Throwing tools away seems like a waste, even if they’re old and rusted or not useful to you, so consider upcycling them instead!

Check out these 15 DIY garden project ideas that help you transform damaged or useless old tools into chic, rustic garden decor!

1. Rake and spade birdhouses

Rake and spade birdhouses

Birdhouses don’t always have to sit in trees like you’re probably used to seeing! Especially if you don’t have many trees in your yard or on your property, old pitchforks, rakes, and spades with the handles still on them make a great substitute! WYO Lifestyle shows you how to attach a homemade birdhouse to the end and display them.

2. Rake, Spade, and horseshow owl yard art

Rake, spade, and horseshow owl yard art

Are you willing to get a little more hands on and work with metal pieces? This decorative garden owl made from rake heads, spade heads, and old horseshoes is a great way to reuse things that have had their handles broken. Kimbirdz shows you how it’s done.

3. Garden table made from a spade

Garden table made from a spade

Are you looking for a way to mash up rustic chic with just a hint of modernity? This super bright table stuck in the ground on a stand made of a spade is an awesome way to do that! We love the contrast in aesthetics it creates. Check out the steps for making it on Urban Gardens Web.

4. Garden tools wall clock

Garden tools wall clock

Do you find that you often lose track of time while you’re out gardening, landscaping, or working in the tool shed, but you don’t want to take your fancy watch or expensive cell phone out with you? Cool DIY Ideas has the perfect tutorial to help you make your own rustic outdoor clock that’s perfect for keeping track of time in the yard. The best part? It’s also made of upcycled garden tools!

5. Garden hose and bundt pan flowers

Garden hose and bundt pan flowers

Did you used to watch Art Attack as a kid and admire the giant concept art pieces they made from unconventional materials on the show? Are you down for a challenge and feeling like getting very creative? Create your own floral “art attack” from old hoses and bundt cake pans up the side of your shed! Follow the steps on Quirk Madame.

6. Spade head plant stand

Spade head plant stand

Do you have some spade heads lying around that don’t get used because the handles broke or they’ve become too rusted? Try turning them into a potted plant display instead! Lush Home walks you through the process of anchoring the spade heads to a wooden pillar so you can create your display.

7. Pick and spade door handles

Pick and spade door handles

Are you a business owner who would like your storefront to have a particular country-like aesthetic? Does your home just have very large double doors that you’d like to stylize to match the rest of your property or farm? Check out how these repurposed pitchfork and spade double door handles are made on Houzz.

8. Rusty spade head flower decor

Rusty spade head flower decor

Do you have access to a surplus of rusty spade heads that are too far gone to really bear any weight or be of functional use? You can still repurpose them in a decorative way! We adore this tall flower structure with petals made from spade heads! The more rusted they are, the cooler it’ll look! See how it’s done on Home Talk.

9. Rake head utensil holder

Rake head utensil holder

The teeth of an old rake make a surprisingly useful hanger for any number of things! If you can clean it off so it doesn’t shed rust or dirt on your counter tops, we love the idea of using a rake head with the handle removed as a utensil holder in your kitchen. Loop the holes in the handles of each ladle or flipper around a rake tooth. Check out how Homedit did it!

10. Woven basket from old hoses

Woven basket from old hoses

Did you like the idea of recycling old hoses into yard decor but you’re not sure a complete wall mural is quite your style? Try weaving this little garden basket out of the hose instead! You might place a potted plant or your current gardening tools in there when it’s finished. Get the steps for making one on Wikihow.

11. Modern painted spade lamp

Modern painted spade lamp

All of these rustic garden options are beautiful, but what if you’re looking for something a little more modern and practical in upcycling your garden tools? Re_ has the perfect tutorial for you! Painting an old spade a clean, stark white makes it look ultra modern when you pair it with a clean white light.

12. Garden hose and flower door wreath

Garden hose and flower door wreath

Themed door wreaths are one of the easiest ways to keep up with seasonal decor without having to roll over the whole look of your home and dig through your storage too deeply. One of the easiest ways to make a springtime garden wreath is to wrap and embellish an old hose! Create, Craft, Love has the steps for you to follow to make this floral hose wreath.

13. Spade head address sign

Spade head address sign

Do you find that your guests have trouble finding your home when they visit because your house number isn’t very visible from the road? Fix that problem by creating a number sign from a repurposed spade head! Anchor the end that would usually attach to the handle into the dirt in your yard or garden so people can find you more easily. Check out how it’s done on Home Talk.

14. Spade and pitch fork chair

Spade and pitch fork chair

Do you like the sounds of taking on a more high maintenance metal working project but the previous little decorative owl project that we listed isn’t quite as practical as you’re looking for? Try transforming your old spades, pitchforks, and takes, as well as their handles, into an outdoor seating set instead! See the full tutorial on Montana Wildlife Gardener.

15. “Flower” wall decor made of saws

%22flower%22 wall decor made of saws

For some very handy people, the term “yard tools” actually means something more along the lines of tools. For example, some people might have hand saws that they need to repurpose. We love this idea by Flea Market Gardening for creating a decorative wall flower out of a series of circling hand saws.

Do you know someone whose shed could use a bit of clearing out? Share this post with them to encourage them to reuse some of the things they’ll find inside!

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