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32 Photo Collage DIYs For Your Dorm Room, Apartment or House!

Whether it’s your first time away from home in a dorm room, your first apartment after college graduation or your first home bought together as newlyweds, you’ll want some fresh ways to spruce, jazz and style your home. And a big part of creating and cultivating a warm and cozy place to be, is with pictures of family, friends and all of your favorite memories.

That’s where photo collages come in.

Picture collage ideas

32 Best Wall Collage Ideas and Whatnot

If you’re ready for this, let’s see what are some of the best wall collage ideas we’ve encountered in our research.

1. Coffee Table

DIY Photo Collage Coffee Table

At One Mom with a Mission, we learn how to create a photo collage right inside the coffee table for all to see. The family, your friends and guests alike will all get to enjoy this beauty.

2. Driftwood Display

DIY Driftwood Photo Collage

If you want to not only create a funky piece for the home but highlight a favorite person or beloved moment of your life, choose those photos and make something similar to this piece from Handimania.

3. Instagram Prints

DIY Instagram Photo Collages

Make, Bake & Love used some of their Instagram photos and put them on display! We love this idea of printing some of your favorite app shots and create chic, framed pieces of wall art from them.

4. Mini Heart

DIY Mini Heart Photo Collage

We’re in love with this mini heart collage from Fresh Mommy. Not only is it personal, but it’s adorable, it’s charming and it’s quite the artistic puzzle as well.

5. The Corner

DIY Photo Collage Corner

Cover your corner is some of your favorite photos. This raw, brilliant project from Ideas to Steal is a great idea for your dorm room or as a way to bring style to the walls of your apartment.

6. Clothespin Frame

DIY Photo Collage Clothespin Frame

Be Kind & Smile Often shows us how to create a super simple and versatile piece of art for your home. Grab some of your favorite family photos, clothespins, wire or twine and a bare frame to get started.

7. Vintage Door

DIY Vintage Door Photo Collage

AtPhotog Mommie, you’ll get an easy-to-follow tutorial and a beautiful new idea for your home. All you need is an older door to get yourself started!

8. Instax Wall

DIY Photo Collage Instax Wall

How can you not swoon over this charming Instax wall. Cover a doorframe, anywhere in the house, with a bunch of photos from your polaroid, instax fun. See how they did it at Small + Friendly.

9. In the Kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Photo Collage

We love this idea Elsa pulled off from A Beautiful Mess. Created a collage of photos and other memorabilia from her first year of marriage in the kitchen!

10. Just Letters

DIY Photo Collage Letters

Of course you can always take someone’s initials and create photo collages right on top of them. A la modeshows us how to make some beautiful, black and white versions.

11. Polaroid Banner

DIY Photo Collage Banne

Makeup By Holly found a way to take some polaroid photos and not only spruce up the bedroom but put a personal touch on this more popular idea. She colored the clothespins and created a 3-lined, headboard piece.

12. Hanging Wall

DIY Instagram Photo Collage Hanging Wall

Here’s a unique piece of home decor that you can conjure yourself and use some of your favorite photos from Instagram as well. Tinker in Me will show you how to create your very own!

13. Hanger Made

DIY Hanger Photo Collage

Although Simple Stylings isn’t showing us how her friend made this adorable piece for her, we find it a bit self-explanatory and inspirational enough to feature here for our crafters.

14. Another Bit

DIY Photo Wall Collage

Here’s another wall collage that we’re swooning over and made with Polaroid prints. Apartment Therapy provides us with this beautiful inspiration that’s perfect for youthful spirits.

15. Geometric String

DIY Geometric String Photo Collage

One of the most unique and creative ways to display your photos, The Caldwell Project shows us how to recreate this geometric string collage inside our own hallways or bedrooms.

16. Wall Heart

DIY Heart Photo Collage

You can even create a heart right on the wall like at Made By Girl. It’s simple, sweet and quite trendy – but it’s also doable for novice DIYers.

17. Pillows

DIY Photo Collage PIllow

Okay, so, this may not be a classic DIY, but it’s still got the cozy, handmade feel. You can get customized pillows made and filled with your favorite photos, and thanks to Apartment Therapy, we know that now.

18. Framed Foyer

DIY Framed Photo Collages

Create this right inside your foyer for all your guests to be welcomed by. Love Lines DIY gave us this gorgeous, and easy to duplicate, inspiration!

19. Lamp Shade

DIY Photo Collage LampShade

Did you know you can create a lamp shade full of your favorite photos too? Well, find out how on Under the Sycamore!

20. Wood Pallet

DIY Wood Pallet Photo Collage

For a more rustic take on the classic photo collage, visit Simply Kierste and learn how she made this cozy piece of home decor while including some of her favorite pictures.

21. Canvas


Paint a canvas and then just tape photos on! That’s how easy it was for Annapolis & Company and their ultrasound photo collage came out beautifully.

22. Tablerunner

DIY Photo Collage Tablerunner

This tells us how to recreate this irresistibly unique and charming table runner. It’s perfect for all types of celebrations but also the holidays too when guests come over!

23. Beeswax Clusters

DIY Beeswax Panel Photo Collage

At One Love Photo you’ll see how she made photo collages by printed photos on tissue paper and then encapsulating them in beeswax!

24. Embroidery Hoops

DIY Embroidery Hoop Photo Collage

One of my personal favorites of the bunch, this photo chandelier was made geniusly by Natalme. And can you guess the foundation to this piece? Embroidery hoops!

25. Wire Board

Wire framed family photo display

Grab some wire to create this industrialstyle mood board filled with your favorite photos. This is a perfect way to dress up a craft room or bedroom, brought to us by Jillianastasia.

26. Jar Wreath

DIY Jar Wreath Photo Collage

Who knew that you could take mason jarlids and create a wreath? And who knew you could add some photos to that as well? That’s What She Said sure did!

27. Older Window

DIY Window Photo Collage

Capturing Joytook some vintage windows and used them to her advantage. We’re in love with this swoon-worthy, family-friendly project.

28. Funky Frames

DIY Unique Framed Photo Collage

You could always create a photo collage that matches well and adds personality with funky frames. We love this youthful and charming additions that tatertots & jello showed off.

29. A Star

DIY Photo Star Collage

This may not be the most obvious choice in terms of photo collages but we love this cozy, sweet idea by the one behind Scraps & Scribbles.

30. Completely Strung

DIY Strung up Photo collage wall

Now we have another inspirationalway to hang your photos, create banner collages and spruce the walls. This provides color and interest, and it was featured on Apartment Therapy.

31. Foam Frame

DIy Simple Photo Collage Frame

This project costs under $20 and was just a genius way to make something chic and personal for the home. Bits of Everything started with foam boards and some free photo printsto get this idea off the ground.

32. Chalkboard Door

DIY Chalkboard Door Collage

Over at Always, Amanda, you can learn how to make a beautiful like this for the mudroom, foyer or the kiddos’ play area. This is such a versatile, functional and adorable DIY to share within your home.


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