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15 Beautiful Calligraphy Projects to Keep Your Inspired

When we first started working on text based art projects, we were quite of the mind that digital text design was where it’s at. It seemed so modern and professional to start designing text, quotes, and wording on our laptops and tablets, learning all the different design programs. Then one day the power in our home went out on an afternoon where we’d had all the creative crafting time in the world and it didn’t come back on for several days. We happened to pick up a pen and start doodling and sketching the text project we’d had in mind to work on… and we liked the basics of what we created even better. That’s how we got into calligraphy! As grateful as we are that we also learned some simple graphic design, sometimes going back to the traditional way of doing things is just as satisfying, if not more. We’ve been doing calligraphy for a number of years now and it has certainly levelled up the quality of greeting and thank you cards we send out to our families and friends. Even so, we’re still always eager to practice, improve our skills, learn new styles, and give different shapes and lettering techniques a try.

Just in case you’re as interested in calligraphy as we are, if not more so, here are 15 helpful tip resources, inspirational designs, and project ideas that will get your pens moving!

1. Foiled canvas beach bag with calligraphy quote

Foiled canvas beach bag with calligraphy quote

Were you particularly intrigued by our introduction because you’ve actually got both the traditional and modernized sets of skills we were talking about above and you’ve been looking for ways to combine them into one project and create something really neat? Well, if you’re also the kind of crafting enthusiast who loves a good laser cutter and vinyl press project, then we’ve absolutely found the perfect project for you! Check out how Crafts Unleashed chose a quote, designed a calligraphy style rendering of it, printed and cut the vinyl, and created a lovely metallic customized tote bag. If you’re great at hand calligraphy, you could even sketch out and then scan in your own design rather than using text design programs.

2. Calligraphy canvas quote art

Calligraphy canvas quote art

Whether you’re an advanced calligraphic artist or a beginner who’s just dabbling right now, creating quote art on canvas is a great project regardless of your skill level. You can choose any quote you please, design and hand sketch your own weaving font, or get your hands on some calligraphy inspired stencils that will help guide you as you practice. We love adore the way Angela Marie Made teaches you how to keep your edges neat and then frame your canvas with some wooden siding, which balances the minimalist look you’ve painted or drawn on the canvas itself.

3. Chalkboard calligraphy decor sign

Chalkboard calligraphy decor sign

Part of what we love about calligraphy so much is that every time we try our hand techniques on a new surface or with a new medium (ink, paint, etc), it’s a completely new experience! Our years of practice still serve us well but we get the excitement of learning something new and challenging ourselves. That’s why we were so into the idea of doing a bit of farmhouse inspired chalk calligraphy when we came across this project featured on Making Joy and Pretty Things! We love that they show you how to make it happen with a stencil as well, just in case you’re not confident in your freehand skills yet, but we actually did ours using our own calligraphy abilities, simply using their font style as a guideline because we liked what we saw in the original.

4. Hand written calligraphy Christmas cards

Hand written calligraphy christmas cards

Did we really peak your attention when we started talking about hand drawn and calligraphy designed greeting card for friends and family, but you’re still quite new and feel like you could use some practice? Then we think we’ve found a resource that you’ll go back to again and again! Check out how Graphic Det used a wonderfully scrawling, slightly more modern calligraphic font to greet their loved ones for Christmas. We love the idea of partnering that with a water colour painting of your own (which we’re still new at but eager to practice more of).