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Best Windshield Repair Kits for Cracks and Chips

As any car owner will tell you, the experience of seeing a piece of debris or a rock from the road fly up and hit your windshield is a stressful one indeed. Besides the fact that it’s usually loud and startling, this precise occurrence can actually cause damage to the glass of your windshield as well. Nicks, cracks, and chips in the glass might not seem like a huge problem at first, but they can be if they’re not taken care of.

Best Windshield Repair Kit

This is where windshield repair kits come on to save the day (and also some money). Of course, you’ll want to get very bad windshield damage repaired professionally as soon as possible, but small bits of damage can usually be handled in a better time and for less on your own using a windshield repair kit. This is why we’ve been gathering the links for the best kits we could find and comparing their perks and drawbacks.

What is a windshield repair kit?

As with most conveniently bundled kits, a windshield repair kit intends to enable you to do some simple, easy repairs yourself. The kit gives you everything you need to temporarily fix the issue independently, in terms of tools and supplies but also instructions and guidance. Most kits are beginner-friendly and very easy to make use of.

Why use a windshield repair kit?

Besides the obvious answer of fixing small-time damage to your windshield, there are several practical reasons to use a windshield repair kit for damage. These kits will:

  • Save you money, as they are much cheaper than professional fixes or windshield replacement.
  • Save you time, as they’re quicker to use than the time it takes to make an attend a car appointment.
  • Prevent further damage until which time you get a replacement (the repair kits can stop chips from spreading and becoming harmful dangerous spider cracks).
  • Improve interruptions in your visibility as you drive.

Best do it yourself windshield repair kit

The list below outlines a few of the pros and cons of the ten best windshield repair kits we came across in our search. We hope it makes your decision concerning which one suits your needs the most a little easier.

1. Rain-X Windshield repair kit

Rain x 600001 windshield repair kit

This affordable little kit fromRain X is the ideal option for a determined beginner.

Besides the fact that it contains enough filling resin to handle more than one point of damage (so long as they’re small), it also enables you to fill both chipsand cracks.

They even give you a suction cup-powered precision tool that will help you pinpoint and steadily fill deeper nicks very neatly.

When it comes to filling cracks, a more freehand technique is required since you’ll have to follow the length and shape of the damage.

This resin fill is pretty straightforward to use, but itdoes require you to work quite quickly if you want to avoid air bubbles.

Works for all types of laminated windshields.

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2. Blue Star windshield repair kit

Blue star windshield repair kit

Are you a little bit more experienced when it comes to making repairs on the windshield glass, and you’re feeling up for a challenge in hopes that it will give you more seamless results this time? Then check out this well-stocked repair kit from Blue Star.

It gives you resin fill, a blade for smoothing edges and neatening your work, a spot treatment tool, and a precision application syringe.

This kit comes with rather stellar instructions that feature everything you need to learn from, right down to diagrams. Even so, it can be slightly tougher to use for beginners, according to some previous buyers.

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3. Permatex windshield repair kit

Permatex 09103 windshield repair kit

If the kit above interested you quite well, but you were hoping for a smaller price tag, here’s a similar alternative from Permatex that gives you comparable tools to work with.

Like the other one, you’ll get resin fill, a spot treatment tool, a precision syringe, and a neatening tool, but this time the latter is made from abrasive rather than sharp metal.

The only real drawback here (which accounts for the reduced price) is that you do receive slightly less fill product in this kit than you saw in the one featured above.

Don’t forget to do your windshield repair in the shade first — forcing the resin inside the crack with the applicator — and then moving into the sunshine to check your results.

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4. Raniaco DIY windshield repair kit with UV curing light

Raniaco diy windshield repair kit with uv curing light

If you’re going to put in the time, effort, and money it takes to make repairs to your own windshield, do you want to make sure that the results are the absolute best they can possibly be?

Then we think you might get a real kick out of the way this kit fromRaniaco, which is otherwise very similar to the ones you saw above,also comes with a resin curing UV light for flawless results and quicker drying time.

If you’re going to use a kit that comes with a curing tool, be aware that you’ll need to practiceespecially neat application with your resin. If you’ve got excess anywhere around the damage, you’ll end up irreversibly curing that into place, too, when you cure your crack or chip.

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5. Filbake windshield chip repair kit

Filbake windsheild chip repair kit

if you’re still feeling primarily interested in the idea of a one-time kit with a sticking precision tool rather than one withlots of resin, since you don’t think you’ll use it often, give this option fromFilbake some consideration.

It’s simple to use and gives you enough for a rather large chip or crack. To get the neatest results in chips which are the most common kind of small-time windshield damage, they also give you a filling tool that will hold the tip of your resin bottle steady until filling is done.

To finish the project, this kit also includes a neatening blade that helps you smooth down the surface of your work. Be extremely careful in this step, as the blade is sharp and will slide on the glass quite easily indeed.

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6. Zitoop fluid windshield repair

Zitoop fluid windsheild repair

Are you really just hoping to keep things simple and efficient, so you’d prefer to skip all the fancy extra tools and stick to the absolute basics? Then this smaller kit fromZitoop might be a little more along the lines of what you’re looking for.

Rather than all kinds of application tools, this brand just gives you a bottle of quality repair resin with a careful point tip and a neatening blade that comes with its own protective plastic case. In the bottle, you’ll find enough resin for three or four small repairs.

Although it’s nice and space-efficient that this kit doesn’t take up space with extra features, be aware that it requires pretty quick work and a steady grip to get super neat work when you’re just freehanding a resin fill. It’s not impossible, but it can take practice.

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7. Bamoer auto windshield repair tool

Bamoer auto windshield repair tool

Are you pretty convinced that you’d do best with the kind of kit that involves a suction cup precision tool, but you can’t help appreciating the idea of finishing your work with a curing light too?

Then this kit fromBamoer is definitely the one for you. In addition to filling resin, the suction spot tool, and a blade for smoothing your work, you’ll also get a small UV penlight for curing.

As with the light kit before this, you’ll want to make sure your work isextra neat and tidy before you put your UV light to work. If not, you’re just curing droplets or imperfections into place right along with your repair.

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8. Swpeet 12-piece windshield and glass repair tool

Swpeet 12 piece windshield and glass repair tool

Are you actually convinced that you have the skills to make slightly more drastic repairs to your damaged windshield than what you’ve seen most of the kids enable so far? Then we think you might appreciate this tool bundle fromSwpeet a little more.

These tools will actually help you map out the correct placement of, trim, stick down, and properly smooth out a protective windshield film.

Keep in mind that, although this kit is very handy indeed, it doesnot actually include the protective film itself. That must be purchased separately.

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9. Kuloveu liquid windshield repair kit

Kuloveu liquid windshield repair kit

Just in case you’re looking for a comparable simple resin and scraper kit because you like seeing as many similar options as you can before choosing the one that’s best for you, here’s another alternative fromKuloveu.

Like the others, it gives you a scraping blade in a protective case and resin filler in a pointed precision bottle with a lid that lets you effectively store it to be reused later.

As with any kit that comes with one of the sharp blade-style scrapers, this one requires utmost care in the last step. Remember that the blade slides easily on glass, and please don’t cut yourself!

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10. Clearshield windshield repair resin for glass

Clearshield windshield repair resin

Have you found that, because you live near gravel roads, your cars actually experience chipped and cracker windshields all too often? Well, if you think it’s worth keeping a larger supply of clear and high-quality resin fill on hand, then you might get along better with this much larger but still affordable bottle from Clearshield.

Its application is the same; you’re simply receiving more of it, which actually makes this quite a good refill pack to the leftover tools you have from previously used repair kits.

Keep in mind that, with this offer, you are gettingonly the resin fill. This brand does not sell you a complete kit with precision tools and scrapers.

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Who should buy a windshield repair kit?

To be honest, any person who owns a car will also benefit from owning a windshield repair kit. They’re not necessarily the kind of thing that you need to carry with you in case of emergency (unless you plan on going on a long road trip and want to be prepared), but they’re a great tool for helping you out once you’ve assessed the damage to your window. They’re easy to use and beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to be an advanced repairs enthusiast to buy one.

How to use a windshield repair kit

The best part about purchasing a fully stock kit is that theyall come with good instructions. Some of them are even a little bit more like full tip guides. If you read through yours and still feel like you need more guidance, however, there are plenty of helpful video tutorials available online that will walk you visually through the basics as well.

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