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Can You Freeze Whipping Cream?

Q. I like to make my whipped cream from scratch, but I don’t always use it all. I would like to be able to store whipping cream for future use, but I’m not sure if I can. Can you freeze whipping cream? Is it better to freeze the cream or to freeze prepared whipped cream?


A. Whipping cream can be frozen either in liquid form or as prepared whipped cream. Whipping cream has a very high fat content. Fat has a tendency to separate from the water content during the freezing process. To minimize how much that separation occurs, give the whipping cream a good stir before putting it in the freezer. You can freeze whipping cream in its original container, but since cream has a tendency to take on the flavors of other foods, you may want to consider another method. A good way to minimize the risk of changing the flavor of your cream is to freeze it in a freezer bag or to place the original container in a freezer bag for a double layer of protection.

How to freeze whipping cream?

To save time later, you may want to consider freezing whipping cream as prepared whipped cream instead of in its liquid form. That way, you can simply thaw the frozen whipped cream and it will be ready to use. To store a larger batch of whipped cream, place the desired amount in a freezer safe container or in a freezer bag. Seal tightly, label and date. Place the bag in the freezer without anything on top of it to avoid it being squished and the bag breaking.

To freeze smaller portions, consider freezing whipped cream in “dollops”, or individual serving sizes that can be easily added to individual servings of cake or pie. Place prepared whipped cream in small silicone muffin molds. Place the filled trays in the freezer until the whipping cream hardens, about 20 minutes. Pop out the individual portions and wrap each in a double layer of plastic wrap. Place the wrapped servings in freezer bags. Remove excess air from the bags and seal them. Label and date the bags and place in the freezer.

To thaw frozen whipping cream or prepared whipped cream, remove from the freezer and place in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight until thawed completely. Whipping cream that was frozen in its liquid state should be given a good stir to restore its creamy texture. Prepared whipped cream should maintain its flavour and consistency after being thawed. If not, give it a bit of a mix with a whisk to bring back its fluffiness.

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