How To Make A Modern Wood Trivet

Having a dinner party? Stop placing steaming pots on old oven mitts… use these stylish wood trivets instead! The neon rope adds contemporary flair, giving your table a modern feel.

By Jon Doe

They’re easy to make – it won’t take more than an hour to make one, and the materials list is short.

Supplies Thick balsa wood dowels Neon craft cord Drill and 1/8″ drill bit Measuring tape Pencil Scissors Tapestry needle

Let's makeModern Wood Trivet

Step 1

Begin by marking where you will drill your holes. Make a pencil mark 1″ from the end. Then measure 2″ from that mark. Measure 2″ from that one and mark it. And then do this once more.

Step 2

Now begin to drill holes on each of the marks you’ve made. Drill all 4 holes on each piece of wood. You may need to sand down the holes with fine grit sandpaper.

Step 3

Next, cut 4 pieces of neon craft cord. Each piece should be 24″ long. Thread one piece through your tapestry needle, and bring it through the hole on the end of your first piece of wood.

Step 4

Tie a double knot on the short end, and then on the other side of the hole too. Be sure to double knot each one or else it may slip through the hole. Do this with the other three holes on this piece of wood.

Step 5

Now thread the cord through the tapestry needle and put it through the end hole on the next piece of wood. Thread the other three pieces of cord through that same piece of wood also.

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