DIY Wine Cork Necklace – How to Make a Beautiful Necklace

We shared with you a tutorial on how to make yourself a really cool set of wine cork earrings. Now, we’re going to dive in and see how we can create a necklace to go with those earrings so you have a beautiful set.

By Jon Doe

You’re going to need to have a few plain wine corks, some jewelry-making accessories, and some free time on your hands.

Supplies Wine corks Open jump rings Tear-shaped pearl Head pins Round-nose pliers Pliers Knife Screw eye pins Fastener Chain Eye pins

Let's make DIY Wine Cork Necklace

Step 1

Prepare the Corks: To start our creation, you’ll want to get your knife and the wine corks and start cutting slices. You want to make them equal-sized so the necklace doesn’t look off.

Step 2

Paint the Wine Corks: For our next step, we’re going to start painting the wine corks. We chose to go with rose acrylic paint, but you can obviously pick a different color that you think works with the natural shade of the wine cork and your regular style.

Step 3

Add the Eye Pins: We’re going to start assembling the pieces as soon as the wine cork slices are done drying. Take your pliers and one of the eye pins. Cut off some of the length of the pin if it’s too long.

Step 4

Prepare the Pearl Element: Next, we’ll need to get the tear-shaped pearl and the head pin. Pass the pin through the pearl, with the flat head at the bottom of the pearl.

Step 5

Start Assembling the Necklace: For the next step, you’re going to grab that screw eye pin and drill a hole in the half-circle wine cork slice. Make sure you’re pushing the pin in the top middle area of the cork.

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