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11 Best Jewelry-Making Kits for Kids That Love Crafting

Have you long been interested in the world of jewelry making, but you find that the tools and supplies you’ve collected so far have been scattered and a pieced together? We’ve often found ourselves hit that point as well in a new skill we’re trying to learn, where we finally realize that it’s time to invest in a full, more comprehensive kit to make sure we really have everything we need to get better at it. It happened with sewing a few years ago and now we’ve reached that same stage with our adventures in learning how to make our own jewelry!

We’re the kind of careful DIY enthusiasts, of course, who like to research all our options before making a final decision. That’s why we hopped online and started investigating the different kinds of jewelry making kits out there, examining the tools and supplies in each and how they’re packaged, as well as for what price. We figured we probably aren’t the first crafters to find ourselves in this scenario, so we decided to make a list of our best findings.

Check out this compilation fo the 11 best jewelry making kits we found in our search!

1. Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit with Jewelry Tools

Paxcoo jewelry making supplies kit with jewelry tools

If your goal in purchasing a well-stocked jewelry making kit for yourself is to cover all your bases but keep it simple, then we just might have found precisely what you’re looking for right off the bat! This kit from Paxcoo has everything a beginner would need plus some extra, all packaged so that each bit has its place.

Perhaps our favourite part of this kit is the sheer range of hooks, pieces, and links it comes with. What’s even better, though, is the fact that they come in a case of their own that fits perfectly into the larger case (which is still quite small) and keeps them from getting all mixed together. That plus the actual cutting and bending tools makes this case fit for budding professionals!

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2. monochef DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Monochef diy charm bracelet making kit

Did you actually have something a little simpler in mind when you started talking about jewelry making kits? Perhaps you’re trying to pique the interest of someone younger to become an avid jewelry maker themselves. They might get along a little better with a kit like this one from monochef that comes with all the pre-made pieces for making lovely charm bracelets!

This kit is clearly geared primarily towards children, but we think that’s an awesome thing. You’ll either be interesting the younger generation in handmade wares if you gift it as a kit itself, if you’ll be practicing your own hand at very simple jewelry making as a learner’s practice while you make something pretty and unicorn themed to gift instead!

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3. Jewelry Making Repair Kit

Jewelry making repair kit

Maybe you’re actually looking for a kit that’s a refill to the things you’ve already had, used, and learned on because you loved making jewelry so much that you just kept doing it? We find that the more jewelry we learn how to make, the more we find ourselves needing to repair other pieces as well. That’s why we thought this emergency refills and repairs kit from BAGERLA was such a good deal.

Besides providing you with three of the basic tools you’ll need to make actual jewelry repair happen, it also gives you an impressive range of replacement rings and clasps in order to help you better match the base colour of what it is you’re trying to fix. We love the way those supplies are arranged in a plastic box that keeps them well contained and in order of size and colour.

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4. PP OPOUNT Deluxe Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Pp opount deluxe jewelry making supplies kit

If you’re going to purchase a beginner’s jewelry making kit for yourself or someone else, would you rather get something simpler but much more diverse to start out with? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the things that come in this tiered box kit from PP OPOUNT!

Besides giving you the tools and links that the basic mechanics of jewelry making requires, their box also includes a whole range of lovely beads in different colours, styles, and sizes. They even include different shades of wire and an instruction book to get you started in learning some basic techniques. This kit really covers its bases and keeps all the pieces involved contained and well organized.

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5. Gemybeads Jewelry Making Supplies

Gemybeads jewelry making supplies

Are you actually looking for something that’s not only well-sticked and useful but also quite accessible and friendly in its design? We can actually very solidly recommend this boxed kit from GemyBeads to you because we’ve purchased it before! It’s primarily marketed to teen girls and that’s who we gifted it to, with great success. She used up every single bead it had!

Besides giving you a full range of lovely beads in different colours and finishes, it also provides the basics of an actual jewelry making kit, in case the person you’re gifting it to wants to keep the hobby up once they’ve worked their way through this. They’ll need a refill of links and clasps, but the awesome e-book the kit comes with will probably have them wanting to make more than just what’s here.

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6. KINCREA Jewelry Making Tools with Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

Kincrea jewelry making tools with jewelry making supplies kit

Are you still searching for a much more professional stocked kit for yourself but you’re in the market for something more diverse and well equipped than what we’ve shown you so far? Well, particularly if you’re not interested in beads because you’d rather choose your own, then we think you might have a kit like this one from KINCREA in mind.

This kit actually does come with a little packet of pretty beads, but they’re by no means the focus. Instead, it’s clearly intended for those who want to take their skills a little further and create all different kinds of pieces beyond just a charm bracelet or two, which is why such a good range of tools is provided. The case even has an elastic band spot for every single thing to keep it all organized and in place!

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7. DIY Necklace Pendant and Bracelet Crafting Set with Glass Beads and Charms

Diy necklace pendant and bracelet crafting set with glass beads and charms

Did we actually catch your attention quite well when we started talking about simple jewelry kits that are geared more towards kids and motivating them to learn a handmade craft but you just haven’t seen the one that you think will hold your child’s attention yet? Well, if they like bigger, brighter, and more colourful things then we’d add this pendant and charm kit from Glittery Garden to your list for consideration!

What really appealed to us about this kit was its sheer sense of fun. Although it does provide everything you’ll need to make the pieces advertised, it’s not market as a fundamentals kit for professionals. We also couldn’t get over the sheer size of the super fun glass pendants! Their range of design and colour is definitely part of the appeal, if you ask us.

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8. Make It Real Mega Jewelry Set

Make it real mega jewelry set

Are you still scrolling through our options and thinking about how much you’d like to get a kid-friendly jewelry making kit that might spark a longer standing passion in your creative kid, but you’re also interested in one that has a better range of pieces in its instruction book, rather than just showing them how to make bracelets and necklaces? Then check out this kit from Make It Real that we think might have just what you’re looking for!

What really convinced us that this kit is a great option was the inclusion of instructions for making super fun beaded hairbands. We know from shopping with our own kids that they’re very trendy indeed right now and, if you ask us, any kit that teaches kids how to make their own DIY version of what interests them most in stores is an awesome thing.

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9. Make It Real Juicy Couture Pink and Precious Bracelets

Make it real juicy couture pink and precious bracelets

Have you actually been on the lookout specifically for a bracelet making kit because you know those are your kids’ favourite things to wear but you find that a lot of kits are geared only partially towards bracelets? Well, particularly if fun charms and colours are also something you’d like, then you might think about this slightly different kit from Make It Real!

The biggest selling point on this kit for us, besides the nice specificity of what it’ll help you make, is the fact that the charms and beads involved are so bright, fun shaped, and sparkly. They resemble emojis and really catch the eye, which we always know is the number one way to keep our kids’ interest these days!

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10. Orian Pop Beads for Kids

Orian pop beads for kids

Did we really hit the nail on the head when we started talking about jewelry making kits that are kid-friendly but you actually had even younger kids in mind than what it seems like the kits you’ve seen so far are aimed at? Well, we can certainly understand wanting to get your kids interested in crafts like jewelry making early but we also know it’s important to make sure things are simple enough to stay fun sometimes, or they’ll lose interest.

That’s why we liked this snapping bead style kit from Orian so much! It skips the need for tools and hooks and simply gives your kids all kinds of awesomely bright plastic beads in different shapes that click together all different ways in order to make bracelets, necklaces, hairbands, and charms. The best part, if you ask us, is that if your kids get tired of wearing one thing, they can snap the pieces apart again and use those same beds to make something else!

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11. Genuine Beadstone 18pc Jewelry Making kit

Genuine beadstone 18pc jewelry making kit

Have you reached the end of our list and still found yourself hoping for something a little more professional and simplified that really just provides you with good quality versions of the fundamental jewelry making tools? Then we’re not sure you’ll need to look much further than this zipping kit from Beadstone!

The unique thing about this kit is that, rather than adding all kinds of beads and trinkets to the kid to charm you with (no pun intended), they opted for a minimalist approach that’s appealing in how useful it is. The tools they give you enable you to work with essentially any kind of bead or jewelry making technique you can think of!

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