DIY Wine Cork Coasters – Pretty and Useful

Did you just buy some cork coasters but they’re dull at best? Well, we know a way you can completely transform them so you have some chic coasters in your home instead.

By Jon Doe

We find that coasters are always useful as they can protect your furniture from hot or cold beverages.

Materials Cork coaster Wine corks Glue gun Knife Scissors Creme acrylic white Paintbrush Silk ribbon Lace ribbon

Let's make DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Step 1

Cut the corks: You’re going to start this journey to creating your own cork coasters by cutting the wine corks in half. Keep going until you’ve cut them all up.

Step 2

Paint the wine corks: Next, you’re going to take the white acrylic paint and the paintbrush and start painting some of the corks white.

Step 3

Glue the wine corks to the coaster: Now, we’re going to start gluing the wine corks to the cork coaster. Start from the middle and go from there.

Step 4

Add the silk ribbon: Now that your wine cork coaster is mostly done, it’s time to decorate it. Take the glue gun once more and start adding hot glue near the bottom of the coaster.

Step 5

Add the lace: Finally, it’s time you use that beautiful lace you have been holding on to since we started this project. Add some hot glue over the ribbon and lay the lace over it.

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