DIY Valentine’s Day Tassel Garland

Valentine’s Day it’s coming faster, which means that we finally have an excuse to display all of those pink and red decorations!

By Jon Doe

So today I thought I’d share a super easy garland project with you…

Supplies Yarn in three different colors Black and white baker’s twine piece of cardboard Scissors Tapestry needle

Let's make DIY Valentine’s Day Tassel Garland

Step 1

Begin by wrapping the yarn around and around the cardboard square until you have something that looks like the photo below.

Step 2

While grasping the yarn on the left side, cut the yarn in a straight line along the other end with your right hand (or vise versa if you’re left-handed).

Step 3

Cut an 8″ piece of yarn in the same color and wrap it around the center of the pile of yarn. Knot it and pull the knot tightly down to the pile of yarn.

Step 4

Keep the yarn folded in half, and tie one end of an 18″ piece of yarn around it about a half an inch from the top of the tassel.

Step 5

Tie the end and then use the tapestry needle to tuck it down through the center of the tassel. Trim the ends of the tassel so they are straight.

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