Snowflake Embroidered Heart Ornament for Christmas Tree

As of late, I’ve been looking for very simple things I can make this holiday season that will help me teach my kids how to sew.

By Jon Doe

That’s how I came up with this snowflake embroidered felt heart ornament idea.

Materials Needed White thread A needle White stuffing or crafting fluff Red felt Red ribbon Hot glue A black marker Curved nail scissor White rhinestones

Let's make Snowflake Embroidered Heart Ornament

Step 1

Turn your red felt page sideways so it sits landscape and draw a heart in the bottom right corner. Cut a rectangular strip from the same end as the heart, the full height of the page.

Step 2

Fold the rectangular strip you just cut in half by pulling the top back and downward so the top edge meets up with the backside of the edge below your drawn heart.

Step 3

Thread your sewing needle with white thread. Tie a knot in the ends. From the back of one of the red felt hearts, poke the sewing needle through the felt right below the heart’s center.

Step 4

At each end of the lines you just created, embroider a V-shape by bringing the needle through to the front at the very tip of each line and then pushing it to the back again diagonally.

Step 5

Place the other red felt heart against the back side of the one you embroidered, so the edges line up evenly and the second heart covers the wrong side of your embroidered shape where you tied the knot.

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