DIY Round Jute Placemat

Have you ever looked at a decorative piece or a surface in your house before and realized it would just look better if it had some kind of mat or covering over or under it.

By Jon Doe

I’ve worked hard to establish a slightly rustic chic aesthetic around my house and I miss this piece to suit that, so I thought maybe other DIY enthusiasts who have the same taste might like to see how I did it.

Supplies Jute yarn Hot glue Scissors

Let's make DIY Round Jute Placemat

Step 1

Apply hot glue to one end of your jute rope. Carefully curl the end in on itself, rounding it over to stick to itself so you have a curved shape to start your spiral with.

Step 2

Turn your curled shape to the side so you can see a flat top surface and apply more hot glue to the side edge. Keep curling your shape around so it meets up with its own still-attached end continuously.

Step 3

Keep applying glue to your flat outer edge all the way around your circle, spiralling it to stick down even more rope and make your shape even bigger. Continue until the placemat is the size you want it to be!

Step 4

Once you’ve gotten your jute placemat the size that you want it to be, apply one last strip of glue and firmly stick down what will be your end. Flatten the shape out and cut your placemat free from whatever excess rope you might have left.

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