DIY Pebble Heart Wall Decor

If you just look around and think seriously, you can find an idea for a new craft in just about any location or situation.

By Jon Doe

In fact, nature is hugely inspirational, and it can give you ideas for new twists on standard projects.

Supplies Wood board Pebbles Ribbon Spot glaze Red acrylic paint Paint brush Pencil Scissors Glue gun

Let's make DIY Pebble Heart Wall Decor

Step 1

Prepare your board: Grab your wooden board and your spot glaze. You can choose pretty much any size of board, depending on your preference, but I would recommend nothing smaller than an 8 inch square.

Step 2

Hanging: Before you do anything else, you’ll need to let the glaze dry so you don’t mess up the coats. Once it’s dry, flip it so you have it face down, and grab your ribbon. You can select any color or pattern you like.

Step 3

Draw your heart: Now that your ribbon is attached for hanging, and the glaze is completely dry, you can move on to the next step. Turning your wood tile back over so you’re looking at the front, grab a pencil.

Step 4

Pebbles: Take your pile of pebbles, and start outlining the heart with them. This could take several tries, since you’ll want to make sure it’s a perfect fit, with nice match ups of sides of the pebbles.

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