How to Make Real Looking Paper Roses

If we’re being honest, I’ve always loved paper based crafts. Even the simple cut and paste crafts I make with my kids give me a little DIY thrill.

By Jon Doe

Check out these step by step instructions.

Supplies Pink paper A pencil Scissors A glue stick A ruler

Let's make Real Looking Paper Roses

Step 1 

Measure and cut: Turn your pink paper to sit landscape on your tabletop. Use your ruler to measure the length of the longer edge along the top and mark it at its thirds with your pencil.

Step 2

Make the triangles: Take your first square and fold it neatly and evenly in half so you have a doubled rectangle.

Step 3

Shape and cut the petals : Turn your triangles sideways and draw an arching shape that starts near the side tip, curves upwards, and stops evenly on the opposite side.

Step 4

Cut your petals: Cut your first petal piece in half with four rounds on one side and four rounds on the other.

Step 5

Start gluing: Start with the piece that has a single round on the top, holding it with its point downward. Apply glue along the straight right edge and roll the left side opposite that inward.

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