Delicious Orange Smoothie Recipe With Vegetables

Do you need to revive your body after this long, dry winter? Treat yourself to a delicious smoothie made with orange vegetables and fruits and a bit of ginger.

By Jon Doe

It only has a few ingredients so you’ll be drinking this thick, delectable juice in no time!

Ingredients Orange Carrots Orange bell pepper Sweet potato Ginger powder

Let's make this Delicious Orange Smoothie

Step 1

Begin by removing the core of the pepper and chopping it into large slices. You’ll only need about half of it, so set the rest aside for dinner.

Step 2

Place the peppers inside of a blender along with a handful of baby carrots, half of a cooked sweet potato and the ginger. Then slice up your orange and squeeze the juice from each section into the blender.

Step 3

Close it up and blend on medium or high until thoroughly combined.

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