Easy Glass Votive Candle Holders With Lace Cover

Sure, plain white votives are pretty and all… but why not add some character to them with a pop of bright color and some lacey goodness.

This easy project uses some surprising materials to create unique votives perfect for your next dinner party (or your coffee table!).

Supplies Plain white votive candles in glass holders Black Lace Colorful balloons Scissors E6000 glue

Let's make Easy Glass Votive Candle Holders With Lace Cover

Step 1

Begin by cutting your balloon in half. You’ll want to cut in a slight curve from the left out the right and back left again.

Step 2

Slide the wider part of the balloon over the bottom of the votive to create the “color dipped” effect. Discard the other, narrower piece of the balloon.

Step 3

Trim off this little end piece to ensure that your votive won’t be wobbly.

Step 4

You can trim off more if need be, to make sure that it is stable.

Step 5

Now wrap the end of your lace around the votive to measure. Cut the lace so it is half an inch longer than the circumference of the votive.

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