Valentine’s Day DIY Jewelry Organizer Photo Frame – A Gift From the Heart

As Valentine’s Day approaches, making a gift for your loved ones, even if we’re only talking about friends and family members, is something you should take into consideration.

By Jon Doe

A jewelry organizer photo frame seems like an ideal gift for all the ladies who need a way to keep their most-used pieces.

Supplies Picture frame Flower patterned decoupage paper Burlap material Silk ribbon Lace ribbon Decoupage glue Light blue acrylic Paint Scissors Glue gun Paintbrush

Let's make Valentine’s Day DIY Jewelry Organizer Photo Frame

Step 1

Turn the photo frame on the other side and remove the back paneling and the glass – well, it’s actually plastic, but you know what we’re talking about.

Step 2

We chose to cut out certain flowers off the paper. Separate the layers and set the one with the pattern aside, as you’ll use it in a minute.

Step 3

Now that you have all the decoupage paper flowers set aside, get your photo frame (make sure the paint dried well), and start arranging the flowers.

Step 4

Now that we’ve placed all the decoupage paper, we need the decoupage glue. Get a paintbrush and start adding the glue over the paper, making sure to cover the entire area. You want the paper to be covered completely and evenly.

Step 5

Now, we’re on to prepare the burlap. Place the photo frame over the burlap so you can measure it out. You need the material to cover the inside of the photo frame, but you want to cut the piece a little longer, as you’ll have to do some folding.

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