DIY Hanging Wine Corks Decoration – Easy and Quirky

Wine corks are  versatile DIY materialsand we love using them for various crafts, including this really cool hanging decoration.

By Jon Doe

Using natural materials makes this hanging wine cork decoration nice to look at and perfect as a gift for your friends, whether they love wine or not.

Supplies Wine corks Branch Hemp twine Blue embroidery thread Silver twisted yarn Cardboard Mounting ring Chain Loop mounting rod Scissors

Let's make DIY Hanging Wine Corks Decoration

Step 1

Prepare the corks: We need to start by preparing the corks. Take the loop mounting rods and the pincers and cut them shorter. We prepared 16 of these items.

Step 2

Cut the hemp twine: Next, you need to get the hemp twine and prepare five threads. Make sure you leave enough length to it that you can adjust it later on, when you hang the wine corks.

Step 3

Tie the hanging wine corks to the branch: We hope you managed to find a nice and straight piece of a branch for the project, although one that’s a bit crooked will do just fine too. In fact, it may give it more charm.

Step 4

Cut the chain: For the next step, you want to take the chain and the pincers and cut five same-length pieces. Whether it’s easier for you to measure them against each other or count the links in the chain, it’s up to you, but make sure they’re the same.

Step 5

Secure the chain to the hanging wine corks: Next, you need to take the conical tongs and a mounting ring. Pick up one of the chains and pass the ring through the end link.

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