How To Make a Floral Garland Centerpiece

With Valentine’s day coming up, you’re probably wondering what decorative thing you can do to your home to make the day feel special and romantic. One idea to add a bit of romance to your table scape is to incorporate roses.

Roses can be just the right touch when making a day or evening extra special with your special someone.

Supplies Sharp scissors or pruning sheers Floral tape or floral wire Flowers or your choice

Let's make Floral Garland Centerpiece

Step 1

First, cut the stems to the length that you want. For a fuller, greener centerpiece, leave them long. For fuller flowers and less leaf and stem, cut the stems so they are about 3 inches long.

Step 2

Secure the stems with floral wire or floral tape. I found the wire held much better than the tape, especially securing the stems at the end of the centerpiece as it cascades off the table.

Step 3

If you want the flowers to face one way, simply connect each grouping to face the same way on top of the other.

Step 4

While I love the yellow on white, to give it an even more romantic feel, I added red roses to this centerpiece after the fact. To add more flowers, you’ll need to cut the stems a bit shorter and attach them where needed with a smaller piece of wire.

Step 5

What I personally like about this is the contrast between the white table and white place settings, with the bold color of the roses that pop.

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