How To Make a Bee from Old Egg Carton

This adorable craft of how to make a bee from an old egg carton is perfect to do at home if you have little ones, or if you’re an elementary teacher.

By Jon Doe

Super easy to do, fun, and cute!

Supplies An empty egg carton Two googly eyes Yellow paint A paintbrush Scissors A glue stick A black marker

Let's make  a Bee from Old Egg Carton

Step 1

Cut out the carton: Use your scissors to cut one cup from the bottom of the egg carton, trimming the edges and shape until it’s nice and neat.

Step 2

Paint yellow: Use your paintbrush to paint your egg cup entirely yellow on its outside surface. Set it aside to dry.

Step 3

Cut the wings: Use your black marker to draw the shapes of two wings on your blue paper.

Step 4

Detail the face: Add details and a face to your bee! Choose which side surface you want to use as the front. Apply glue to the backs of your googly eyes and stick them to that side, near the top.

Step 5

Glue the wings: Finish your bee off by applying glue to the blunt ends of your bee’s wings and sticking them on the top, angled back and diagonally so they stick out the same way an actual bumblebee’s wings are angled.

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