DIY Easy Christmas Tree Card

There are plenty of adorable and Christmas and holiday themed greeting cards out there to buy in stores, but there’s just something I find so satisfying about making and sending my own instead.

By Jon Doe

I’ve made so many different kinds this year! In fact, I’ve had so much fun making my own Christmas cards!

Materials Needed White cardstock Three types of decor paper (gold, bronze, and patterned) Scissors A glue stick Christmas stickers Rhinestones

Let's make DIY Easy Christmas Tree Card

Step 1

Turn your white cardstock landscape and fold it end to end horizontally so its side edges line up. Crease the folded end and then unfold it and cut straight along the crease to make two even halves.

Step 2

With your other half of white cardstock, make the base of your Christmas card. Orient the piece landscape again and fold it side to side once more, matching its edge evenly and creasing it.

Step 3

Take your piece of bronze paper and repeat the folding and cutting process to give yourself half the sheet’s size. Then, with the piece laid landscape again, trim about an inch off the end to make the piece slightly smaller stick.

Step 4

Draw the shape of a small Christmas tree on your white cardstock and cut it out. Use this tree as a template by tracing around it on your gold and patterned papers and cut those trees out too.

Step 5

Repeat the turning, folding, and cutting process that you did before with your white and bronze pieces, but this time in gold.

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