DIY Wooden Slice Wall Art

This wooden slice wall art is the perfect creative project to glam up your space on a budget.

By Jon Doe

Wood is especially great for infusing the beauty of nature into your room!

Materials Needed Wooden slice Lace ribbon Glue gun Paintbrush Gold paint 2 shades of green paint Light rose paint Peach color paint White acrylic paint Alphabet stencil

Let's make DIY Wooden Slice Wall Art

Step 1

Paint your wooden slice: For this step, you will need your paintbrush and a lighter shade of green acrylic paint. Begin by laying your wooden slice flat on your workspace, with the side you will like to paint face up. Take your paintbrush and begin painting the wooden slice.

Step 2

Write your preferred message on the painted portion: Think of something meaningful to you. It could be a word or a phrase. Once you decide what it is, grab your alphabet stencil and place it on the painted portion of your wooden slice. Take your white acrylic paint and begin painting over the letters that form your chosen message.

Step 3

Decorating the wooden slice: To decorate your wooden slice, you need your paintbrush, white paint, gold paint, pink paint, and the darker shade of your green color. Using your paintbrush, draw a small heart at the end of your message with the white paint.

Step 4

Making a bow: Grab a piece of the lace ribbon and cut it to your desired length for a small bow. Fold the ribbon to form a small bow. Place the bow at the center of the base of the slice. Apply a dot of glue to the slice where you would like the bow to be placed, just beneath the message on your slice.

Step 5

Making a strap: Take your silk ribbon and measure your preferred length for the strap. Remember, the longer the strap, the closer your wooden slice is to the ground.

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