DIY Tin Can Mood Lamp

Set a magical and ethereal tone at your next major event or backyard gathering with some unique lighting. Or brighten up a little girl’s bedroom with twinkle lights.

By Jon Doe

As usual, I just couldn’t help documenting the process of making the lamps because I love sharing my creative projects so much.

Supplies A tin can Blue paint A paintbrush Scissors A glue stick Blue ribbon String lights (battery powered is preferable) A drill

Let's make DIY Tin Can Mood Lamp

Step 1

Poke holes: I decided to keep the holes in thee sides in a neat line but to scatter the ones across the top.

Step 2

Paint: Use your paintbrush to paint your can entirely, in whatever colour you please. I chose a nice pastel colour and painted it solidly, but feel free to get creative. You’ll paint the sides and the top.

Step 3

Add the ribbon: Once the paint has dried, cut two strips of blue ribbon long enough to wrap all the way around the can once each. Apply glue to one end of the first ribbon and stick it down around the bottom of the can.

Step 4

Add lights: Insert the bundle of lights and the battery pack inside the opening in the bottom of the can and flip the switch to turn it on. Set the can down wherever you think a mood lamp suits the space best!

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