DIY Simple Concrete Doily Pot

There are just so many stunning things you can make from lace that are so delicate and pretty that I can’t get enough of them.

By Jon Doe

That’s precisely how this lovely DIY concrete lace doily flower pot that I made recently came to be.

Supplies DIY fine particle cement Water A piece of white paper A spoon An empty yogurt cup An old lace doily

Let's make DIY Simple Concrete Doily Pot

Step 1

Mix concrete: Use your spoon to mix your DIY concrete to the right consistency! Follow the instructions on the back of your package to get the ratio of water to powdered concrete mix just right.

Step 2

Soak the doily: Cover your lace doily entirely in concrete!

Step 3

Shape it: You want the doily to take on the shape of the cup as it dries, so feel free to adjust the doily and cinch it inwards to rest on the sides of the cup.

Step 4

Remove from mold: When your doily has dried thoroughly and all the way through, turn the whole thing over and carefully pull the yogurt cup out from underneath or inside the doily’s new shape.

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