DIY Hanging Twig Heart

Do you love to make your own home decor? Or craft your own personal gifts to give?

By Jon Doe

Either way, a good homemade idea would definitely come in handy. Like this DIY hanging twig art wall hanging.

Supplies Twigs White paper A pencil Secateurs A paintbrush Hot glue Liquid white glue Scissors Gold glitter Brown yarn

Let's make DIY Hanging Twig Heart

Step 1

Draw the heart: Turn your white paper landscape or horizontally and use your pencil to draw a heart in the center.

Step 2

Start sizing the twigs: Use the paper heart you’ve just draw as a template to get the shape of your piece and lengths of your twigs right!

Step 3

Trim:Use your secateurs to start trimming the twigs to be the right length as well. Once again, I started in the middle, cutting my center twig to be the right length from the bottom downward point to the point between the two top rounds.

Step 4

Start gluing: Use your glue gun to start gluing your heart shape together twig by twig!

Step 5

Paint: Add some personality to the bottom of your heart! Use your paintbrush to apply white glue in a thin layer all of the bottom half of your heart, on the fronts of the twigs’ lower ends.

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