Easy and Creamy Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese Recipe

This easy and creamy mac and cheese is a healthy dairy-free recipe that packs in an entire serving of vegetables!

By Jon Doe

An easy weeknight dinner recipe that is gluten-free and vegan!

Ingredients Yukon gold potatoes Carrots Cashews Nutritional yeast White miso Dijon mustard Garlic Onion powder White pepper Salt Brown rice macaroni (or pasta of choice)

Let's make this Easy and Creamy Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese

Step 1

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add in a big pinch of salt, the potatoes and carrots. Boil until tender, about 10-15 minutes. Reserve 1/2 cup of the cooking water and set aside. Strain the potatoes and carrots.

Step 2

To make the cheese sauce, add the potatoes, carrots, remaining sauce ingredients and the 1/2 cup of reserved water into a blender. Blend until smooth.

Step 3

Bring the water back to a boil, and cook your pasta according to package directions. Drain the pasta and set aside.

Step 4

Pour the cheese sauce into a pot. Set it over low heat to gently reheat the sauce.

Step 5

Add in the pasta into the cheese sauce and toss to combine, warming up again if necessary. Top with black pepper and parsley, if desired, and serve.

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