DIY Concrete Candle Holder from a Plastic Bottle

Being a crafter and a candle lover, I’m sure you can imagine just how pleased with myself I felt when I came up with the idea of making a DIY concrete lace trimmed candle holder from a plastic bottle!

DIY lovers who want to try my pieces out is one of my favourite parts of creating new things, and this project was no exception.

Supplies DIY fine particle cement Water A spoon Scissors Tape Oil A paintbrush A folding utility knife Ribbon Round candle

Let's make DIY Concrete Candle Holder from a Plastic Bottle

Step 1

Mix the cement: Mix your DIY fine particle cement to the right consistency!

Step 2

cut the bottle: Use your utility knife to cut your plastic bottle in half  and then use your scissors to trim the bottom half down to just a little taller than the height you want your actual candle holder to be.

Step 3

Oil the molds: Use your paintbrush to coat both the outside of your tea light candle’s little metal tray and the inside of your bottle half in oil in order to prevent the concrete mix from sticking to them as the piece dries.

Step 4

Pour cement: Fill your halved water bottle with your concrete mix! Once you’ve filled it to your heart’s content, tap the bottom of the bottle on your table.

Step 5

Remove from molds: When your whole concrete piece has dried thoroughly, remove any tape you place across the top of the bottle.

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